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Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress

WordPress is used by 37% of all American websites…and for good reason.

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We Are WordPress Experts

If you wish to be able to update your website without incurring costs every time you need something, you will make the right choice by choosing WordPress and web design experts Purplegator.

WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has never stopped growing. In fact, today WordPress is the CMS used in over 61% of all of the websites on the web that use a CMS interface. 

Your Site Needs WordPress

  1. Universal — With more than a third of all websites using WordPress, it’s easy to see why more people know how to operate a WordPress site than any other. 
  2. Easy to Use — You don’t need to know html to update a WordPress site. Plus, when Purplegator finishes your website, we will provide you with documentation, and even a video, so that you, or the person that takes your place later, can easily update the website without any unnecessary costs or additional training. 
  3. SEO — There are so many great plugins available on WordPress and they have the search engine optimization process nailed. We recommend the Yoast plugin which allows for easy input of title tags and meta tags to enhance your search engine results and drive traffic to your site. 
  4. Image Optimization — Site load times are critical for both your SEO and user experience, especially with more Americans accessing websites via mobile while on the go and away from wi-fi. WordPress makes it easy to restructure picture sizes so as to show bright and powerful images without unnecessarily weighing down the site. 
  5. Fast Load Times — WordPress loads quickly if you do things correctly. One amazing plugin we love for site speed optimization is WPOptimize. It caches the site, clears the database, and compresses images for faster loading. 
  6. Responsive Design — The site will use responsive design and this should address any issues with the site loading properly on mobile, tablet, desktop, and even watches! 
  7. Mobile-Friendly — All modern WordPress templates come with responsive design technology included. 
  8. Social Media Enhancements — A social media campaign will indirectly have a positive impact on your website. It will drive traffic to your site and improve your rankings. With WordPress, we will add custom social media buttons for your blog so it’s easier for readers to share your content. Since Google BOT will visit your site more often if there’s new content, we also recommend adding a social media feed to your site. 
  9. Customization — The primary criticism of WordPress is that all of the sites look the same. That is true, but only if you don’t provide customization. Think of a WordPress template as a starting point that we will use to begin the process of customizing your website so that its appearance is unique to you, and only you. 
  10. It’s FREE — If it’s free, it’s me! 

Our staff works mostly on WordPress. We regularly attend WordCamp training to network with others and learn the latest innovations with the products.

Looking to create a new website and need some advice on the best way to proceed with the site structure? Consider Purplegator web development. At Purplegator, we’ll develop your new website and include the SEO building blocks during the design process. 

Bob Bentz is the author of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing.

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