Your Website Should be Your Best Salesperson


We are living in the age of digital and mobile. Your website serves as your front entrance through which many customers will pass. Our mission is to give you a professional online and mobile presence that will generally enhance your organization’s image and branding, as well as attract and acquire new customers.

Free SEO: The Purplegator Difference

  • Mobile Increase % 81% 81%
  • Desktop Increase % 98% 98%

“What Good is a Great Looking Website if Nobody Knows About It?”

Simply put, your website should do two things:

  • NHighlight the benefits of working with you.
  • NGenerate new business.

Many sites do a pretty good job of representing your business in a positive way. Most, however, don’t generate the level of business leads that you would like them to.


FREE SEO with our Web Development

Search engine optimization is like building a house. It’s much easier to build in the SEO tactics when construction is going on than afterward when you have to knock the SEO bricks out and replace them. That’s why we add standard SEO services during the build process. There are lots of great web designers out there, but few have any knowledge of SEO and if your developers don’t know SEO, your business ultimately suffers from it.

Here’s what a new website did for one of our restaurant clients! Look what happened in January 2018 when we created the new site! What would twice as much website traffic do for your business?

Mobile First Development: Another Purplegator Difference

Badget Text
Most web developers create a site on desktop and then make it fit to mobile devices. Not us. We’ll design and develop your website for mobile first and then make it fit for desktop.
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It’s a mobile first world and your site needs to resonate properly on mobile, tablet, and even smart watches in addition to desktop.

Why Purplegator for Your Web Design

  1. You’ll work with an American project manager. 🇺🇸
  2. And, the graphic design will be done in our office. ✏️
  3. But, we can outsource the coding overseas for extra SAVINGS 4 U. 💸
  4. Keyword research. 🕵️
  5. You’ll have access to the many stock photography photos and videos that we subscribe to. 🖼️
  6. You may even want us to develop a thumb-stopping cinemagraph for your site. 🎥
  7. If your site gets hacked, we’ll guarantee to return it to its original state, with no cost to you.* 🤗
  8. We’ll keep your site secure by obtaining and installing your SSL certificate each year. 🦺
  9. Copywriting available if you need it. ✍️
  10. We are WordPress experts! 🤓

*Assuming we host your website.

Look what we’ve done this past year.

Does your website need a glow up? Make your website your best salesperson that works 24 hours per day as your brand ambassador. Contact the Gators  on the mainland or our Hawaii web development team for a new web design and web development strategy that includes FREE SEO services!