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There are No Participation Trophies with SEO


If your marketing plan doesn’t include search engine optimization (SEO), then your marketing plan is not finished.

Here’s How to Win the Search Engine Optimization Game

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Local Search

Remember how we used to find local businesses? It required the Yellow Pages (remember that?), a paper map, and a landline phone. If you got lost, look for a payphone to call for directions to your business. It was hardly a convenient solution.

Fortunately, today consumers are searching on mobile with keywords like nearby, closest, and near me when they need your product or service. These local search “mobile moments” give you a chance to win business by simply showing up. We’ll help you show up.

Why Purplegator for SEO?

  • NCustom SEO Strategy. What you won’t get is an offshore package of poorly written articles and links from crappy domains.
  • NWe Learn Your Business so we understand audience intent.
  • NMobile First Strategy. In most industries today, it’s more mobile than desktop. And, if it’s not that way yet, it will be soon.
  • NCopywriting that satisfies Google and pleases your customers.
  • NVideo is a Must Have for SEO
  • NVoice Search is the Next Big Deal. We’ll optimize your site for it.
  • NCustom Reporting Dashboard. Check up on our progress whenever you want.

    SEO isn’t magic. It will take time for you to gain the rankings that you want. But, it’s worth the wait! SEO is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Take a gator sized bite out of your competitors’ market share with an SEO strategy from Purplegator. Contact us today.

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