Humanitarian aid

Supporting small business & local communities

How to plan, prepare & respond to protecting your business

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We have committed FREE consulting services to help small businesses and communities deal with their areas of impact. As part of this comprehensive and generous response, our funding will support critical activities needed in our local towns.

Exhibited areas of distress

  • AI-Driven digital marketing strategies
  • Customer journey & funnel development
  • Brand identity & messaging


We have committed resources to assisting businesses in distress and guiding them through their time of need.

What we know and how our teams are responding

We want to help and express our deep heartfelt understanding to those who have been negatively impacted.

Steps you can take today

  • Keep your customers informed
  • Adjust your advertising
  • Continue to adapt to new customer behavior
  • Run your business remotely

Free digital skills training

Additional Resources

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