Social Media Marketing

Expose Your Brand


The various social media platforms offer your brand the opportunity to reach current and potential customers at every stage of the road to purchase from awareness to transaction. An optimized social media marketing strategy is a critical driver of growth for your brand.

Analyzing the Social Media Networks

Every social media network is different. A business needs to select the proper image and social media strategy for each of its networks. Acting the part is half the battle.

By now, you probably already have a Facebook business page and probably even an Instagram or Twitter account. But, what about the emerging platforms? Are you using Tik Tok, Snapchat, or Pinterest in your marketing? Unless you’re a social media geek like us (doubtful), there’s no way you can keep up with everything!

Relax. We got you. We work with businesses and organizations that want to get social media results, but just don’t have the time or experience to do so. We’ll take away that headache and get you the results you deserve.

Social (Media) Anxiety?

Allow our certified social media experts to cultivate your space in the online community and amplify your voice across all the platforms that are right for your brand. You know you need to gain brand exposure, spread content, increase followers, and generate sales. We know we have the strategies to execute that will deliver results. When you hand over the reins of social media management to us, you’ll have access to the team throughout the entire creative process. From comprehensive market research to content calendar building to high-quality content production and then closing the loop with analytic reports, we’re here with you each step of the way.

Ready to hire an agency at ⅓ of the cost of hiring somebody in-house? Contact The Gators today and we’ll discuss your needs, provide a social media audit, and create a custom winning strategy to drive results for your business.