Mobile Advertising


There has never been an advertising medium quite like mobile that enables a brand to effectively target the right consumers, in the right place, at the right moment.


Time spent with mobile continues to increase dramatically each year. Yet while the advertising dollars being spent on mobile are also increasing, brand advertiser investment is nowhere near keeping up with the amount of time consumers are spending with mobile devices.

Targeting People, Not Places


When it comes to effective targeting, mobile advertising enjoys the superpower of context.  It’s uncanny ability to advertise via apps and mobile websites allow for precision targeting that no other medium can match. Marketing pros can target their audience with the following strategies:

Geo-Targeting – No Waste!

Mobile advertising’s greatest advantage over other mediums is its inherent ability to reach consumers in your immediate trading area – those consumers that are most likely to buy. Within your geo-targeting zone, we can serve ads to residents in that zone or to those visiting the geo-targeted area.

Geo-Conquesting – Target Your Competition

Through device targeting, we can capture devices that are visiting, or have visited, specific addresses or locations. Then, target those devices with your advertising message.

Interest Targeting – Mobile’s Best Differentiator

Mobile advertising is native advertising. That’s because with mobile and digital, and the addition of third party data, we know so much about your customers and prospects. Hence, by utilizing interest targeting into your mobile ad buys, the promotions blend seamlessly into the surrounding content.

We Don’t Sell Impressions, We Sell Engagement


At Purplegator, we won’t “set it and forget it.”  When it comes to engaging your customers and prospects, we should get better every week. That’s because we are acquiring more data: which images are converting best; which copy is most engaging; which target markets are connecting the most.

At the end of the day, however, we know it’s all about the KPIs—the numbers. Not just the number of gross impressions, click-throughs, or Likes, but what your sales are.

Your success is our success.