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Website Design with FREE SEO Services

Website Design with FREE SEO Services


What good is having a great website if nobody CAN FIND IT?

Free SEO Services from purplegator

It continues to amaze me when local businesses invest in a spanking new website, then do nothing to optimize it for the search engines. In most cases, however, it’s not the business owners that are wrong; they’re in the dark when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). All they want from a new website is increased credibility and some new business leads. In most cases, however, they only get the former.

The blame really needs to end up with web development companies that put in the work to make a great website, then don’t even do basic SEO services for the client. Perhaps, they don’t know anything about SEO, maybe they are hoping to up-sell the customer, or maybe they are simply too anxious to move on to the next revenue-producing web design.

In many instances, small local businesses are stretching their marketing budgets simply to pay for a new website. Often, they aren’t convinced of the value of SEO since it’s such a nebulous concept to them. So, if you can’t expect them to understand SEO, how can you convince them to invest in something as intangible as SEO?

What Free SEO Services Mean to You

Not sure of the value of adding basic SEO services? Take a look at two of our satisfied customers and their web traffic before and after we created a mobile-friendly site and added our complimentary SEO services! How much is that level of increased web traffic worth to your business?

At Purplegator, all of our web development customers get our FREE SEO tactics to add to your website. These are basic SEO services such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • On page copy change recommendations
  • Image optimization
  • On site SEO such as title tags and meta description tags
  • Google Analytics installation to track increased traffic

Sure, adding these services takes us about two extra business days for a small site, but we think it’s worth it. By adding basic SEO services at no charge, local businesses will see increased traffic and increased sales. Then, once the sales generated from the new website start rolling in, they can invest in more advanced long-term SEO services such as link building and social media. So, in the end, both customer and agency are happier.

If you are looking for web development in Honolulu, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Harrisburg, Des Moines, or anywhere in the country, do yourself a favor—go with a company that will not only make you a cool website, but also make sure that people actually find it. Go with the Gator.

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