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The way people shop has changed, as has the way they research making big purchases and commitments has changed. In fact, the process for both shopping and researching is dramatically different from just five years ago. People are more prone to research and comparison shop while on the go – and on their phones – than ever before.

From finding their next pair of shoes to finding the love of their lives, people often start their search on their mobile device. Most of this stems from the convenience of searching wherever people find themselves, even when they’re on the go. This fact is also true when it comes to apartment searching. The plethora of real estate apps in the app store will cement that fact. There are dozens of real estate apps designed to find a new apartment.

There’s a lot of noise in the real estate arena. So, as a property management group, how do you attract your ideal tenants? How can you drive more traffic to your property for tours and eventually more signed leases? Can mobile social media really find tenants online?

Purplegator Has The Answer

Mobile marketing is an excellent tool. At Purplegator, we’ve figured out a way to target apartment seekers while they’re most apt to be searching. With geoconquesting, geotargeting and geolocation, we can find tenants online – the kind of tenants you actually want to rent your property.

Whether they’re enjoying lunch and catching up on Facebook, or waiting for their favorite app to load, we can target them based on their vicinity to your property, their household income and even specific likes they might have which could be a good fit for your property – such as a pet lover who might particularly enjoy your dog park.

Your ads display right there on their phones. Mobile ads showcase your property in its best light right when your ideal tenant is receptive to your message. A great offer such as a move-in special, a discounted first month’s rent or a referral bonus drive more qualified tenants to you and ensure that the tenants you want, actually find you.

We’re and we’re here to make your business more successful. Contact us now at

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