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Digital Marketing Trends to Leave Behind | World Newsstand

Digital Marketing Trends to Leave Behind | World Newsstand


When it comes to digital marketing trends, the Purplegator team is always taking on new knowledge and advancing our skillsets. Mobile marketing is our speciality, and we work hard to maintain success on all of our campaigns. It is a great feeling to be acknowledged for our extreme efforts. World Newsstand featured a direct quote from our Purplegator President in Agency Roundup: Digital Marketing Trends to Leave Behind , where direct quotes from digital experts were taken on what their firms will be focusing on in 2021. Bob had a few things to say about mobile marketing:

“Geo conquesting, device detection at the address level, is the holy grail of mobile advertising,” says Bob Bentz of Purplegator. “We are going to see increased improvement in the technology and the ability to target consumers at the micro level.”

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