Navigating the Road to Success: Top Truck Driver Recruiting Websites

Happy confident male driver standing in front on his truck and looking at camera.

In the ever-evolving landscape of truck driver recruitment, finding the right platforms to list job opportunities is crucial for attracting qualified candidates. While traditional job boards have been a staple, exploring innovative avenues, such as mobile-first social media advertising, can open new doors to a diverse pool of applicants. Let’s dive into the top truck […]

Revolutionizing Home Health Recruitment: Strategies to Overcome the Staffing Crisis

Home Health Professional with senior citizen

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, the home health sector faces a pressing challenge – a staffing crisis. As the demand for home health services surges, agencies find themselves grappling with the need for skilled and dedicated professionals. In the midst of this challenge, Purplegator emerges as a beacon, offering innovative solutions to revolutionize home […]

LAUNCH: ‘Relevance Raises Response’ in Mobile Marketing *Second Edition

Relevance Raises Response Cover - Second Edition

Renowned Mobile Marketing Expert Bob Bentz Unveils Second Edition of “Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing” Philadelphia, November 22, 2023 – Bob Bentz, President of Purplegator, a leading marketing agency based in Philadelphia, proudly announces the release of the highly anticipated second edition of his acclaimed book, “Relevance Raises Response: […]

Purplegator Achieves Remarkable Milestone as the 11th Fastest Growing Company on the Philly 100 List

Purplegator's Philadelphia 100 2023 winner badge

Philadelphia, November 14, 2023 Purplegator, a prominent marketing agency headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, proudly announces its recent inclusion in the prestigious Philly 100 list. The company secured the 11th position as the fastest-growing company in the Philadelphia metro area, a testament to its outstanding performance and rapid expansion in the local business community. The Philly […]

Purplegator Recognized as One of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies on the Inc. 5000 List

Philadelphia, November 13, 2023 Purplegator, a leading marketing agency headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, proudly announces its inclusion in the esteemed Inc. 5000 list, ranking as the 1,496th fastest-growing company in America. This prestigious honor recognizes Purplegator’s outstanding growth, innovation, and commitment to excellence in the competitive business landscape. The Inc. 5000 list is a symbol […]

9 Video Marketing Tips to Level up Your Content Strategy

We know that content marketing, by design, is a technique of marketing built on the creation and distribution of relevant content to attract our desired audience – to influence customer action. Switching gears a bit, if I ask you to think of the top industry with the heaviest hand of influence, reaching the broadest audience, […]

Cold Calling Scripts | Bob Bentz on the Art of the Voicemail

Cold calling scripts can be a real game-changer in the sales world. Bob Bentz knows cold calling well. Bentz’s version for leaving a voicemail has helped many fellow salespeople. If you’re looking for a stellar script to help you up your strategy when leaving a voicemail for a cold prospect, check out this article by UpLead. […]

Meta Description | Writing Tips Roundup Including Bob Bentz, SEO Expert

Meta descriptions provide the gist of your content and entice your readers to learn more! This first impression is critical for your CTR and ultimately your ROI. Bob Bentz, the President of Purplegator, shares his expertise on crafting eye-catching meta descriptions that will work to your advantage! Furthermore, this guide from databox highlights lots of clever practices […]

10 Ideas to Improve Your Instagram Advertising Campaign | Blue Fountain Media

A quote from our President of Purplegator, Bob Bentz, has been featured in an article by Blue Fountain Media which focused on improving Instagram advertising campaigns. This article included ten different quotes by digital marketing guru’s, one of which being from no other than our President, who gave insight on leveraging Instagram space: “Instagram offers 2000 characters in the description, […]

Digital Marketing Trends to Leave Behind | World Newsstand

When it comes to digital marketing trends, the Purplegator team is always taking on new knowledge and advancing our skillsets. Mobile marketing is our speciality, and we work hard to maintain success on all of our campaigns. It is a great feeling to be acknowledged for our extreme efforts. World Newsstand featured a direct quote from our Purplegator President […]