Video Production

Video is Sight, Sound, Motion, and Emotion


If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, How Much is a Video Worth?

Get the cameras rolling

Video informs and entertains and needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your digital and mobile marketing efforts. No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story. And more people will listen to your story if it is on video rather than a page of text.

Today, more than ever, people demand immediate information and want to be entertained at the same time. With video, results are instant, with high engagement, and tap-throughs to find out more or make an e-commerce purchase often happen immediately. After all, if somebody is tapping on a video, they are already significantly engaged with the presentation itself. Therefore, they are far more likely to be interested in converting.

Videos inform your viewers about your product or service while seamlessly communicating your company’s tone, mission and values. When it comes to video production with Purplegator, you have options. We love 6, 15, and 30-second videos that deliver your narrative to viewers in brief, captivating shorts. In addition to standard video production, our creative team can make some pretty nifty content with pictures, turning your already cultivated media into short form animated images and text.

Consumers are inherently lazy. They do not want to read; they want to be entertained. That’s why video advertising on YouTube and other social media publishers and sites continues to dominate the mobile and digital landscape.



Need a new full length video, a 60 or 30, or a short version 15 or 6-second video for mobile advertising? We can come to your location for an on-site video shoot, we have many stock videos, or we can even make a video out of still pictures. Contact the Gators and we’ll get the action started.