Why Purplegator?


Purplegator, a top digital marketing agency, is a sister company of Advanced Telecom Services, founded in 1989, with offices in Philadelphia, Toronto, London and PragueOver the years, the company has continued to serve its advertisers, advertising agencies, brands and media customers with some form of interactive services. Those services, however, have evolved from the landline, to the internet, and finally now to mobile.


Our mobile platform is capable of serving 9 billion impressions per day over 350 ad networks. Using automated, real-time bidding strategies, we maximize your exposure by ensuring that we are always purchasing programmatic digital advertising at the lowest possible price at any given moment.


Last time we checked, there were 21 trophies in the lobby, so you can rest assure that we produce quality digital and mobile creative with enough bite to be recognized as one of the top mobile marketing companies in the nation. While digital marketing awards certainly help us look good, more importantly, they generate the results you need to improve engagement and sales.


Our clients’ brands are unique, so our campaigns are too. We make sure you stand out from the cluttered marketplace with memorable creative and thought-provoking messages. We’ll work with you to create a strategy, and we’ll execute it flawlessly. At Purplegator, we eat, sleep and dream mobile, so that you don’t have to.


You’ve probably never seen a Purplegator...
and we know you’ve never seen a top digital marketing agency quite like us.

People often ask us: “How did you come up with the name ‘Purplegator'? First of all, what does that mean?" Purple combines the stimulating creativity of red and the calming effect of blue, assuring you that your advertising is in the hands of royalty.
The gator has eyes on the top of its head—ideal for seeing everything around him. Furthermore, it's surprisingly fast, and its bite is incredibly powerful.
Advertising is an ever-changing industry so we believe in proactively searching out the next best tactics, perfecting them and finally provoking a powerful reaction.
At Purplegator, we’ll give you the courage to move forward with innovative ideas that stand out from the crowd and consequently help you swallow your competition.