Mobile Strategy & Consulting

We’ll help you create a mobile-first digital strategy for your brand. It’s not a one-size fits all approach. With your input, we’ll help you define how mobile plays a role in the overall customer experience, then provide you with the strategy and technology to reach those customers on the mobile path to purchase.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile’s uncanny ability to send the best message, to the right person, in the optimal location, at the time when that person is most likely to buy, is unsurpassed. Using techniques such as geo-targeting, mobile advertising placement via apps and mobile websites allows for precision targeting that no traditional media can match.

Digital Advertising

Your customers and prospects will find you more often through a variety of one-to-one partnerships we have with industry giants such as Google and Facebook. By integrating third-party data, you’ll target your best prospects. Together, we’ll analyze the statistics and your results will improve each week as we accumulate more data on which prospects are converting to sales.

Text Message Marketing

SMS text message marketing is the workhorse of mobile marketing. It is the single most important thing you can do to get started with a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. Text is inexpensive and offers the best return on investment of any mobile marketing tactic that you will employ.

Mobile Video Production

Video informs and entertains. When integrated into every aspect of your digital and mobile marketing efforts, it will enhance your user experience beyond belief. No matter what you do, your advertising must tell your company’s story. More people will listen and connect to your story if it is relayed to them as eye-catching video rather than as a monochrome page of text.

Web Development

There’s a tsunami of traffic moving from desktop to mobile, and marketers must ensure that the user experience on mobile and tablet is as convincing as the desktop experience. With our recent acquisition of Rocky Point Media, we’ve greatly enhanced our web design team. And, we’ll give you the added bonus of including basic SEO services in the initial development.

App Development

A mobile app is a walking billboard that’s in the pocket of your customer 24 hours a day. Imagine how important that is to have your company’s app on the mobile phone of your customers and prospects. What’s that real estate alone worth to your business?


The great thing about SEO, and specifically mobile SEO, is that there are no ongoing costs for every new visitor to your website. And, if your goal is higher local search engine rankings, it’s a lot easier to get on the first page of Google. There’s no better way for you to dominate your competition. Results Oriented. White Hat SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Every social media network is different. A business needs to select the proper tone and social media strategy for each of its networks. Acting the part is half the battle. When it comes to social media, the KPI to measure is not the engagement that a post receives, but the sales that it generates.


Keep in contact with your customers even when you’re not online. Use chatbots to answer your consumers’ questions everyday, at any time of day. Your chatbot can utilize AI, programmed responses or both. Everything reports back to you and is totally customizable. Don’t leave your customers in the lurch! Create a chatbot to give them access to information 24/7.

Text to Donate

501c3 non-profits can now earn 100% of their donations made through Purplegator’s Text to Donate program. Text to Donate offers a simple way for consumers to make a donation to your non-profit organization without having to write a check or provide a credit card. And, you’ll receive 100% of the money directly from the carriers.