Driving Home Candidates for the #1 Auto Parts Supplier in the Country

#1 Auto Parts Supplier in the Nation

Transporting Talent

Starting the Engines

Our client is a nationwide supplier of auto parts. With thousands retail stores in 43 states, they are constantly hiring new employees, especially qualified truck drivers. The company was experiencing increasingly diminished results with traditional advertising recruitment efforts, however. Truck driver recruiting presents special challenges, as most vertical markets do. Identifying qualified candidates and connecting with them is often more than half the battle in filling vacancies. As a result, the company sought out our mobile marketing experts with their eyes on a new and fresh recruitment effort to attract and hire qualified truck drivers.

Checking The Mirrors

Finding qualified applicants to deliver products to thousands of nationwide stores isn’t an easy task. Candidates sometimes struggle with the perception of extended periods away from home and long hours that come with driving for other national companies. In addition, to maintain a high level of safety, our client requires that all route drivers be HAZMAT certified. Many candidates that applied via the traditional job boards were not qualified, and many lacked certification. Additionally, the traditional job boards, flyers and newspaper ads that the company used could not reach passive job seekers who were on the road, driving for other companies. Furthermore, talent acquisition personnel spent a large amount of time screening resumes of unqualified applicants instead of identifying and interviewing quality candidates. Finally, this supplier found these traditional lead sources were hard to track.

Putting It Into Gear

We worked with our client to create mobile and social ad sets that targeted a specific demographic: males with an interest in sports. Using this criteria, we saw the most success on the ESPN app, with Facebook being a close second.

The ad sets clearly outlined that all applicants must have a class A license and HAZMAT certification. By including this information, the number of unqualified job seekers shrank dramatically. When candidates clicked on the advertisements, a customized landing page appeared, which summarized additional requirements for potential candidates. This also helped eliminate inexperienced applicants.

The social aspect of the campaign made sharing the ads almost effortless. Those who were not actively looking for a job in the transportation industry could easily forward the information to someone who might be interested in the post. Because the ads clearly spelled out how our client differs from many trucking companies, more qualified candidates expressed interest.

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After running the initial campaign in Des Moines for 6 weeks, the company saw such great success that they asked us to run similar campaigns in 7 other locations. To-date, we have connected the company with over 6,000 qualified candidates across the country. In fact, we currently recruit for their distribution centers nationwide, as well as for their 4,500+ national retail locations.