Find Qualified Candidates for Your Team

Reach prospects in your area with our tried and true mobile and digital targeting tactics.

Educate Passive Candidates

Reach candidates on the platforms where they’re already scrolling! Our mobile marketing strategy will place your recruitment ads in front of prospective applicants who are actively looking for a new job while also reaching qualified passive candidates who have yet to start their job search. Passive candidates might not be actively seeking a new position but their
experience and skills could make them a valuable addition to your team. Don’t miss out on prospective applicants just because they haven’t heard about your company yet!

Promote Your Careers Brand

Let prospective applicants know what it’s like to work with your team! Evergreen campaigns will
educate your applicant pool about your company culture and values. You can also use
evergreen careers advertising to inform candidates about the benefits and development
opportunities that come with a position at your company. The Gators will help you set up a
careers social media presence and establish a consistent careers brand to keep qualified
candidates interested in your business year round.

Acquire Qualified Leads in Record Time

If you need to fill positions quickly, the Gators have your back. Our detailed targeting strategy helps you find candidates that actually possess the experience you’re looking for. Purplegator recruitment campaigns feature SIG (Standardized Information Gathering), federal government approved, data secure custom landing pages. 

Are you hiring? The Gators can help you find the talent that you’re looking for.

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