Digital Advertising


When thinking about digital advertising, it’s vital to address the giants in the industry. In this case, the powerhouse platforms are Google and Facebook. We are certified Google Partners with specializations in Google Analytics and Google Display Advertising. Facebook is our primary platform. On Facebook Business, we’ve logged numerous campaigns that bring our clients smiles and leads. Our experience on both of these platforms enables us to optimize your advertisements and report detailed advertisement activity. 


We are experts in Geolocation, Geofencing, Geotargeting and Geoconquesting. By utilizing the Geo strategy, your advertisements will find specific people within your target demographic. Other agencies will set your ads to display over a generic zip code or broad 20-30 mile radius. At Purplegator, your advertisements will target people, not places and thus cultivate optimal engagement. 


The digital world is competitive. With companies playing up search engine optimization and paying for ad exposure, it’s difficult for organic ranking to make a difference. Lucky for you, Purplegator is passionate about SEO and will make sure your advertisements and websites are ranking efficiently. We’ll run a keyword search to discover what terms are most relevant to your consumers and make sure that your materials are written to maximize the effectiveness of your organic rank.