Programmatic Cannabis Advertising refers to digital marketing on behalf of legal businesses
operating in the cannabis industry. While the targeting options and available products
continue to expand, any and all campaigns will include a mandatory 21+ age restriction, and
target locations will be limited to states/countries where legislation has been passed to allow
for this type of advertising. Due to the ongoing legalization of cannabis at the state level
across the United States, more publishers and technology partners are opening the doors for
these businesses to take advantage of the powerful tools already available to other

Do you have a Cannabis-related client that is asking for the newest advertising technology to
launch their brand even further than before? Purplegator is excited to announce an
expansion of available products and targeting options for cannabis advertisers. These include:

  • Targeted Display Banners
  • Targeted Pre-Roll Video
  • Device ID Pre-Roll Video
  • Streaming TV
  • Streaming Radio


2020 was a year that had a catastrophic impact on many state economies. With a new administration in place, states are
seriously considering the legalization of recreational/medical cannabis use to help rebound
economies from the substantial hit they took last year. Digital cannabis advertising has
traditionally been very limited due to the sensitive nature of the products being sold, and the
patchwork of legality between states and the federal government. These limits ad
restrictions affected available inventory, platforms, reporting, and everything
in between. However, the programmatic industry is increasingly embracing the value of
supporting cannabis businesses, and the stigma tied to the products being sold is giving way
to greater acceptance across all touch points in the digital journey from business to its target

The nationwide easement of lockdown measures and travel restrictions, coupled with the
emergence from winter into the warmer months of spring and summer signal an amazing
opportunity to get in front of these businesses and help them take advantage of the powerful
tools that help them bring business through the front door.


Purplegator’s Cannabis network is expanding beyond what has traditionally been limited to
geo-targeting and/or device ID targeting due to the increased scale in available inventory and
technology partnerships. Notably, this includes enhanced targeting options (behaviors,
demos, etc), video placements, Streaming Radio (including podcasts), and Streaming TV.

Metrics & Reporting

At Purplegator, we provide weekly statistical updates for most programs. On a monthly basis, we provide in-depth statistical reviews usually during a personal meeting with the client. As we obtain more data, we use that information to enhance your marketing program by continually tweaking the creative, the mediums and the target markets.

Pricing & Forecasting

Contact Purplegator if you are interested in reaching new highs with your cannabis store marketing.

Cannabis Statistics

  • Recreational marijuana use is legal in 19 states. Medical marijuana use is legal in 35 states. Business Insider
  • Colorado saw more than $2 billion in recreational marijuana sales in 2020. Marijuana Moment
  • Dispensaries have been considered essential businesses during the CoronaVirus Pandemic. Forbes