The 3 Ways to Advertise on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platform available right now. As of May of 2017, there are 166 million daily active users. Also, Snapchatters view an average of 1+ billion Snaps with filters. If your audience tends to skew young, Snapchat is where you want to broadcast your message. Here’s the breakdown of ages:

  • 22% of users are 13-17
  • 36% of users are 18-24
  • 27% of users are 25-34
  • 15% of users are 35+

Sponsored Lenses

There are three ways to advertise on Snapchat. However, Sponsored Lenses are extremely costly at a minimum of $500,000 a day. Lenses use facial recognition and cues like “Raise your eyebrows” or “Open your mouth” to activate actions.

Local Geofilters and Snap Ads are the two manageable advertisements for small and medium businesses.

Local Geofilters

Geofilters are a “frame” or graphic that users, within a geofenced area, can add to their Snap before adding it to their story or sending it off to a friend. Filters are a powerful, viral advertising tool for an event or brick and mortar store. They are a great addition to any mobile marketing strategy because of the low cost. A filter can be as little as $5 a day depending on the size of the location.

Currently, Purplegator is working with some haunted houses. Snapchat has been a no brainer for haunted houses because their audience skews younger. Filters have been very successful because of the viral effect they have. One person adds the filter to a Snap posted on their story. Now all of the sudden, their friends don’t want to miss out, so they plan their trip to the haunt.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are vertical video advertisements that are between three and ten seconds long. They show up when the user is consuming content either between their friend’s stories or while tapping through the Discover tab. A “swipe up” is comparable to a tap or click through on a typical mobile ad. The user can swipe up to see a longer video, read an article, view a website or install an app.

Through these two forms of advertisements on Snapchat, your message will be on the mobile phones of 18-34 year olds. If these individuals are in your target audience, what better way to reach them?

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