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Niagara County Picks Purplegator for Workforce Development Job

Niagara County Picks Purplegator for Workforce Development Job


Digital Agency Purplegator Wins Award to Support Niagara County Workforce Development Board to Raise Awareness About Opportunities for Local Youth

Niagara Falls, NY: Niagara County Workforce Development Board (NCWDB) has awarded Purplegator, a digital marketing agency that lifts clients’ campaigns through targeted promotional strategies, to promote the NCWDB’s programs aiding disadvantaged youth for the second year in a row. Firstly, Purplegator will help Niagara County youth (ages 16-24 who aren’t working or in school) by making them aware of opportunities available to them through NCWDB (funded by a WIOA grant). Most importantly, it will also inspire youth to think about their future, with aspirational imagery and positive messaging. The campaigns will encourage and motivate the maximum intended audience to see what program opportunities are available to them, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the number of WIOA youth applicants for the three Niagara County WIOA youth programs.

2021 Campaigns

Therefore, Purplegator’s campaigns will promote the programs primarily through social media. Specifically Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and gaming platforms. So, over four months, each of ten unique campaigns will have a specific theme. Themes include vocational exploration, career counseling, paid work experience, and more. Certainly, there are many moving parts with a program of this breadth and scope.

2020 Campaign Results

Example of promotional collateral used in 2020 campaign by Purplegator.

“We are so happy with you and your team! The ads have been terrific, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!” said Bonnie Rice, Executive Director, NCWDB, after the campaign for 2020 wrapped. The results Purplegator delivered for NCWDB in 2020 totaled 7.8 million impressions on six different platforms. Google Analytics showed NCWDB web traffic increased from 304 visits per month in March 2020 to 6,054 in June 2020.

Stay Tuned for 2021 Campaign Results

“We’re going to knock it out of the park again this year,” says Vice President of Purplegator, Barb Breeser. “In short, with all that we’ve learned this past year, we have exciting new tactics that we’ll be employing this time. We can’t wait to share 2021’s campaign results with everyone.”

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