How to Make More Dough with Mobile Marketing

Spontaneity drives restaurant visits –

Deciding when and where to eat is usually a spontaneous decision. Sure, people might have plans to attend a fancy restaurant on Friday or Saturday night with friends, but when it comes to pizza and other casual dining options, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. As it turns out, mobile marketing makes restaurants dough.

Why Mobile is the Special Sauce

So, what’s the right place? It’s where your customers are – mobile.

In fact, Chili’s said that 58% of its restaurant visitors are coming from mobile. For pizza restaurants, it would make sense that even more than 58% are coming from mobile.

Today, your customers are spending more time on their mobile phone than they are with radio and print combined! And, just to clarify that time spent with mobile in the chart below doesn’t even include the time they are spending actually talking on their cell phones. Remember that? It seems like the mobile phone is used for far more today than its original purpose, between texting, score checking and social media updating.

How to Best Reach the Mobile Pizza Eater

It used to be that when people talked about mobile marketing, they were mostly speaking about text message marketing. While text message marketing is still a vital part of the mobile marketing equation, there are numerous other things to consider when planning your mobile strategy.

Mobile Websites

Is your site mobile friendly? That should be the first thing that you test, because if it’s not, then we have to start there. Google has made it very simple to test. Click here to test if your site meets Google’s standards for being considered mobile friendly.

It used to be that we recommended to our pizza restaurant customers that they have a separate and distinct mobile site in addition to their desktop site. This was usually designated with a URL such as Then, Google changed the game by recommending that sites use just one piece of code and not have a separate and distinct site for mobile.

With responsive design, your site resonates properly whether it’s on desktop, tablet, smartphone or feature phone. And, perhaps most important, Google says you should use it:

“Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.”

Mobile ordering is a key ingredient to the success of your website. There are numerous mobile ordering tools that can be integrated into your pizza restaurant website. Your website should have an easy click to call button and a convenient mobile ordering process.

SMS Marketing

Remember the chart from the top of this article? Making a decision on where to eat for lunch remains mostly a spontaneous decision. That’s why putting a text message in the hands of your customers just before lunch or dinner time is so important. Sure, text message marketing is so 2008. But the fact is, it still works and likely offers you the single best ROI that you will find anywhere with mobile or traditional media. Text message marketing is the workhorse of mobile.

But, it requires some work to get those phone numbers and government regulations, as both the US and Canada have stiffened in recent years regarding text message marketing. Your customer needs to opt-in, usually via an interactive text message. Then, once you have a verifiable opt-in, you can send broadcast text messages in the future.

See what other pizza restaurant owners are saying about the power of text message marketing and mobile marketing here and get text message marketing tips here. Also, read about why mobile marketing continues to become more and more important here.

Mobile Advertising

There has never been a better medium for pizza restaurant advertising than Facebook. That’s because of mobile’s and Facebook’s ability to geo-target its mobile advertising. Most pizza restaurants draw only from a three to five mile radius from the stores themselves. With mobile advertising, you can target only those mobile phones in your specified geo-targeted area. No waste!

Better yet, you can target specific products to certain demographics. If its young males that eat your cheesesteaks, you can serve those advertisements to males 12-24. Want to target Moms to help them deliver a healthy and fast meal home to their families, an agency and its mobile ad network can identify mobile phones that belong to mothers 25-44.

Mobile marketing makes restaurants dough

In recent years, the pizza industry has been the forerunner for much of the restaurant mobile marketing business. It was pizza that helped spur many innovative mobile solutions, such as mobile ordering and driving consumers to place orders via mobile.

The success of the pizza industry in mobile is due in part to the quick, on-the-go nature of pizza sales. More sales are waiting to be made, and your mobile message can be in the pockets of your consumers when they are most likely to buy.

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