Location Based Marketing Gives You The Competitive Edge

Location Based Marketing Delivers Better Results. Period.

It might sound too good to be true, but the fact is, mobile advertising makes it easier than ever to get your message in front of the right person at the right time, in the right place and on the right device with virtually NO waste. How? Location based marketing targets your best customers with pinpoint accuracy via their mobile devices.

Here are three unique ways you can use geo-fencing and geo-conquesting to reach your target audience:

Trade Show Marketing

Trade show exhibitors are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market their presence at a trade show. As the cost for exhibiting at trade shows continues to increase, it becomes more important than ever to drive attendees directly to your trade show booth. If your pre-show marketing strategy has been to send out post-cards and invitations prior to the show, you may want to consider geo-targeted mobile advertising.

Using location based marketing to target the area during the show itself allows you to target your best prospects when they are most receptive to your message. They are more receptive because they are there to attend it. Geo-fencing allows you to deliver targeted mobile ad units to trade show attendees at show hotels, at the convention center itself and within a tight radius around the convention center. Mobile ads can be delivered anytime and anywhere attendees are actively using their mobile devices within the specified geo footprint. Savvy exhibitors can offer a coupon or show special to attendees who come to the booth and show the ad.

No impressions are wasted, yet your top prospects see your message. That’s the kind of ROI we all get excited about.


Geo-conquesting is a very effective method for getting your career opportunities in front of passive candidates – those qualified candidates who are not actively seeking your company out. It’s a paradigm shift from posting jobs on traditional job boards and posting your openings on your website.

Instead of waiting for candidates to find your open positions, geo-conquesting allows you to reach out and virtually tap them on the shoulder to tell them more about your terrific positions, culture, values, signing bonuses, etc. Once these candidates know how amazing your company is, they can – and do – reach out.

If your best candidates work at a competing medical facility, university, warehouse or retail location for example, geo-conquesting allows you to deliver ad units only to those qualified individuals when they are using their mobile devices at or very near to that competitive location.

Reach High-End Customers Where They Live and Shop

Location based marketing can drive additional foot traffic into your store. If your best customers live in a high-end gated community, use geo-fencing to send mobile ad units to that particular neighborhood or zip code and its vicinity. If your best customers often shop at your #1 competitor’s location, use geo-conquesting to target those ideal customers when their mobile device places them at or near the competitor’s address.

We deliver ad units when your prospect is actively using a mobile device to look at social media, to search for something or while waiting for an app to load.

At Purplegator, we can actually target an exact street address and add a few miles to that exact location. It is a pinpoint precise selection. As a result, your marketing dollars go farther and the customers who see your message are better prospects.

Consider including a coupon with a special and unique offer to bring customers into your store for redemption. This is highly valuable for building brand awareness and creating word-of-mouth referrals, as well as generating revenue.

Let’s Target Your Best Leads Today!

Geo-conquesting and geo-fencing can offer a unique competitive advantage, one that separates you from your competition. While the volume of leads might be smaller, the quality is higher. Bigger is not always better, as the old mantra goes. As a result, with little to no waste, your ads are delivered to only your most qualified customers or candidates. So, if you’d like to learn more about location based marketing and how it can increase revenues, contact me at barb@purplegator.com or 515-850-1162. Let’s get started today.

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