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How to Recruit Hospitality Employees In the Midst of a Labor Shortage

How to Recruit Hospitality Employees In the Midst of a Labor Shortage


Re-starting Smart 

The hospitality sector was one of the industries that suffered the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels and restaurants sought to rebuild their workforces post-pandemic by volume hiring to stay afloat. However, filling in many openings at once is daunting and, in many cases, ineffective. Leveraging the unique targeting powers of mobile, display, and Social Media Marketing for hiring purposes is a proven strategy for engaging suitable candidates at the right time. That’s exactly what we employed to help our clients gain a competitive advantage in recruiting qualified people quickly and effectively!  

The “How” and “Where” Matters 

Purplegator has found success deploying Highly Targeted Ads on various platforms to connect our clients with potential candidates who are actively looking to find a career in hospitality. Traditional recruitment marketing efforts have become obsolete now that digital permeates our lives. A prospective candidate is more likely to notice a job advertisement on Social Media Platforms, third-party websites, and applications. We actively work with our hospitality clients to refine our geolocation techniques that help them find qualified candidates and reach out to them before competitors identify them.  

Reduced Interest Targeting? – We Have the Workaround! 

One aspect of recruitment advertising worthy of attention is the change in the expansive interface of Targeting Options provided by many advertising platforms. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat all have strict rules and restrictions for recruitment advertising with limited targeting to ensure there is no discrimination. Purplegator continues to be successful with recruiting ads by using aspirational imagery to connect with candidates on a personal level. Highlighting an employee-centered culture and a strong employer brand is vital for attracting and retaining loyal, happy, and motivated staff members. For example, images of a multicultural group portray an engaging and inclusive employer. If a company is looking for young, hip people to fill a particular position, we encourage the client to use images of young, hip professionals. Establishing your business as the epicenter of genuine employee support can ramp up your recruitment efforts! 

Don’t Hesitate, Translate! 

Making sure your ads appear in your target audience’s native language can go a long way in securing more candidates through your employment efforts. Translating your ads shows that you are mindful of your audience’s needs and cultural nuances. Facebook ads are easily translatable into many languages. Suppose our client has positions they might fill with people who do not speak English as their first language. In that case, we advise Facebook to translate the ads into whatever home language that individual uses on their Facebook profiles.  

Including the Facts 

We have run successful hospitality Recruitment Campaigns for many hospitality positions, including hosts/hostesses, servers, dishwashers, cooks, bussers, breakfast attendants, and housekeepers. The High Companies, one of Central Pennsylvania’s largest employers and leading names in industrial and real estate, have turned to us multiple times for their recruitment needs in hospitality. High develops, owns, and operates 15 select-service hotels in three states, meaning that the demand for housekeepers and breakfast attendants is high. Our recruitment campaigns have generated more than 180 leads for these positions so far! Our employment ads have also attracted many candidates for cooking and dishwasher positions. Our most recent employment campaign yielded more than 50 leads for our client, Metropolitan American Diner and Bar, a retro, sophisticated and comfortable eatery in North Wales, PA.  

As the economy revamps, we understand that the hospitality industry requires a continuous influx of employees to fill in many different positions. As experts in recruitment marketing, we have the capabilities, tools, and resources to create a personalized, highly targeted, inclusive, and successful employment campaign!  

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