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Chatbots for Business: 5 Benefits

Chatbots for Business: 5 Benefits


Chatbots should be in your marketing mix for your business. If you do not use chatbots for business, it is time to get started. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of chatbots and how they can boost your business.

If you need to expand your business, a lot of owners consider two options:

A.) Hire new employees (and hope you can afford their pay?)

B.) Take on extra duties and do it all yourself?

Neither one of those seem appealing, so what could you do instead to help manage sales/customer service?


A chatbot is an application that is used to conduct online conversations with programmed automated responses.

Here are the five greatest benefits of chatbots for business. (And how they can help your business immediately.) 

1. Take on More Customers

Messenger bots help provide a business with more ways to communicate with customers online. They allow hundreds to thousands of conversations to take place at once on your website at the same time. 

Services like Facebook messenger bots for business help take a load off of the customer service staff and facilitate the call queue, especially during peak seasons.

2. Expand Your Operating Hours

Chatbots are available to customers 24/7. They provide services outside of the business’s formal operating hours. This feature is perfect for situations like:

  • Nighttime inquiries
  • Holidays
  • Sick days

Help cater to all sorts of customers by staying accessible all the time. They can be especially helpful in answering commonly asked customer questions.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by creating a personalized level of service with each customer. Create a tone that mirrors your staff, and treat each customer equally.

These bots can help recommend certain products or services to customers to aid in their search on your website. They can even offer a trial of your services. They also help to create more brand awareness and increased sales.

Some of the benefits of chatbots include:

  • Instant responses
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Time saver

Chatbots also allow you another way to gather feedback from your customers in an individualized way, so you don’t have to rely on informal surveys on your website page.

4. Save Your Money

Businesses spend over $350 billion every single year in customer service. Messenger bots can help cut back on those costs by 30 percent.

Traditional customer service teams require lots of workers to function at scale. The bigger your business gets, the more those costs do too. Curb those costs and service more customers with fewer chatbots.

5. Delegate Routine Tasks

Increase employee satisfaction by giving your workers the opportunity to do more meaningful work. Messenger bots work well to do repetitive tasks and produce auto-responses. This will free up other team members to focus on other areas to help the business, and make it more effective!

Chatbots for Business

There are so many reasons to feel stressed as a business owner, and chatbots can really alleviate some of the tasks you and/or your team do every day. Check out chatbots for business and get a head start on the competition.

What are you waiting for? Your customers await!

Call (888) 76-GATOR (888-764-2867) or email sales@purplegator.com to learn more about how we can build custom chatbots tailored to your business.

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