Cannabis Dispensary Digital Marketing

What Programmatic Cannabis Advertising refers to digital marketing on behalf of legal businessesoperating in the cannabis industry. While the targeting options and available productscontinue to expand, any and all campaigns will include a mandatory 21+ age restriction, andtarget locations will be limited to states/countries where legislation has been passed to allowfor this type of advertising. […]

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

How can you tell if your website is mobile friendly? Luckily, Google has a quick answer to this question. Test any website or page here, just type in your URL and Google will do the rest.  How to Check If Your Website is Responsive Design Here are two easy tricks to check if your website’s […]

WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress is arguably the best website builder the internet has to offer. Statistically speaking, WordPress now powers 39.5% of all websites in the United States in 2021, up from 35% in 2020, making it the top content management system (CMS) in the United States.  There are a variety of reasons why WordPress should be your […]

Google Recommends Moving Your Website to HTTPS

HTTPS: You Really Have No Choice In August, Google notified website owners via Google Search Console (formerly known as “Webmaster Tools”) of its plans to show security warnings on websites that are still using the (now old) http protocol. Search Console users were told that the Chrome browser (currently with market share of 45% in the USA) […]