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Boost Radio Station Engagement With Text Message Marketing

Boost Radio Station Engagement With Text Message Marketing


Texting is an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. But for radio stations, the technology has even greater potential. With over 18 billion text messages sent per day, it’s clear that audiences are eager to communicate by phone. In fact, text messaging has replaced email as the preferred method of communication among Millennials—and that’s only going to increase as this demographic becomes older and more influential.

Give Listeners What They Want

Text message marketing can take your radio station into the 21st century. Credit: Shutterstock

Text message marketing is a great way to connect with your station’s listeners. Here’s why:

  • Americans check their phones 352 times a day, or every 3 minutes. Text messages can more effectively reach your audience than traditional media.
  • Call-in radio formats don’t appeal to today’s audience. People don’t want to wait on hold all day for special offers or contests from their favorite radio stations.
  • Listeners want two-way texting so they can interact directly with their favorite DJs. This personalizes your advertising.

Text Message Marketing to Drive Tune-In

Personalize your station’s programming with message marketing. Credit: Shutterstock

Text messaging can also drive listeners to tune in. SMS marketing can:

  • Promote shows. Texting is an effective way to promote your shows and encourage listeners to check out your programming. Send a message about the next episode, or just remind people that you’re on the air.
  • Promote new music. If there’s a band you think people should hear more of, invite them to listen in with a text message! This idea works especially well if you’re doing live concerts with local bands; it’s a great way to get their name out into the community and keep fans invested in your programming.
  • Run contests. Send tune-in reminders when a show will be running a contest for tickets, gift cards, etc. By making contests only available to on-air listeners, your audience will be more likely to attentively listen.

Build Radio Station Loyalty With Text Message Marketing

Texting is a great way to build loyalty with your listeners. Here are some ways to foster listener loyalty:

  • Customized reminders. Remind listeners about their favorite shows by sending out timely reminders for upcoming episodes. These relevant messages will make them tune in again and again.
  • Personalized polling. Ask questions, poll listeners and engage in other interactive activities that encourage listener feedback. This will make listeners feel like they’re contributing to your programming.
  • Text-in song requests. Listeners will be more loyal when their favorite songs are played. Text messaging makes requests instant, and listeners can avoid the hassle of call-in wait times.

Your radio station will also rise above competing stations with text message marketing. SMS marketing demonstrates that you are actively listening to the community and innovating along with your audience. 

Text message marketing seamlessly combines one of America’s most timeless platforms, radio, with the increasingly mobile demands of the modern listener. By using SMS marketing, your radio station can satisfy listeners, drive tune-ins, build loyalty, and rise above the competition. Here at Purplegator, we’ve worked with many radio stations to build text message marketing campaigns. Contact us today to grow your station and satisfy listeners.

Libby Foster is a Marketing Specialist at Purplegator. She’s currently getting her Master’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Alabama.

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