Driving Unprecedented Growth: A Professional SEO Success Story for the High Companies


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The Challenge

The High Companies, a prominent organization, sought our expertise with a dual focus: gaining qualified traffic and acquiring relevant backlinks to augment their webpages. Dissatisfied with their previous SEO endeavors, especially in the realm of link building, they recognized the need for a more effective and professional approach to achieve their goals.

Understanding the significance of qualified traffic, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the High Companies’ target audience and industry landscape. By delving into their customer demographics, search behaviors, and preferences, we gained valuable insights that shaped our tailored SEO strategy. Through extensive keyword research, we identified the most relevant and high-performing terms that aligned with the company’s offerings, ensuring optimal visibility in search engine results.

Link building, a critical component of their previous SEO shortcomings, became a focal point of our revamped approach. We implemented a meticulous outreach program, forging connections with authoritative websites and industry influencers. By showcasing the value and relevance of the High Companies’ content, we successfully secured valuable backlinks that bolstered their website’s credibility and improved its search engine rankings.


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The Approach

Our implemented strategy revolved around a meticulous focus on long-tail keywords with high search volume, while strategically avoiding overly competitive terms. This approach allowed us to capture a targeted audience actively seeking the specific products and services offered by the High Companies.

In tandem with our keyword optimization efforts, we orchestrated a rigorous monthly backlink outreach campaign. Through diligent research and analysis, we identified authoritative websites and industry influencers relevant to the High Companies’ niche. Leveraging our established connections and expertise, we secured valuable guest posting opportunities that not only provided exposure but also served as a means to distribute targeted content to a wider audience.

Central to our link building strategy was the careful consideration of anchor text. We ensured the use of relevant anchor text that seamlessly integrated with the overarching content and served as a powerful signal of the High Companies’ expertise and authority. By strategically placing these anchor texts within our guest posts and other backlink opportunities, we amplified the impact and relevance of these incoming links, boosting the High Companies’ search engine rankings and overall online visibility.

This multifaceted approach, encompassing meticulous keyword selection, monthly backlink outreach, and guest post distribution, enabled us to forge a professional and dynamic SEO strategy tailored specifically to the needs and objectives of the High Companies.


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Tech partners

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The Challenge

Novus Shoes, BKS shoes (formerly known as Bakers), and La Favorita are all enterprise-level shoewear and accessories brands that fall under the Novus Group. Over the year, all 3 brands have witnessed considerable growth and increased store traffic, both online and offline. Unfortunately, their Magento eCommerce stores were failing to meet the brand’s enterprise needs for a high-performing eCommerce experience, frictionless checkout, and storefronts that well-present their different brands’ identities.

The approach

Through data-backed discovery, iterative design, and robust technology advancements, Avex crafted not one, but three, high-performant online stores for Novus that deliver frictionless digital experiences and an excellently displayed product catalog that is set up for ease of navigation.

We used Novus Shoes’ brand pillars to anchor us at every step in revamping the eCommerce presence of all three brands. We infused freshness and novelty into developing and designing highly functioning online stores while still aligning with “The Novus Way” – having the customers in mind when selecting and presenting the widest variety of shoe styles.

The Outcome

As a direct outcome of our professional and comprehensive SEO efforts, we achieved remarkable and quantifiable results for the High Companies. One of the most notable achievements was a staggering 3,077% increase in website traffic, far surpassing their initial expectations. This exponential growth in organic traffic demonstrated the effectiveness of our meticulously crafted strategy in attracting highly qualified visitors to their webpages.

Furthermore, our dedicated focus on enhancing domain and page authority scores paid off significantly. By implementing strategic optimization techniques and acquiring authoritative backlinks, we successfully elevated the High Companies’ online credibility and established their website as a trusted source of industry-specific information. This improvement in domain and page authority not only reinforced their position within the search engine ecosystem but also fostered higher rankings for targeted keywords.

In terms of keyword rankings, our optimized approach resulted in the High Companies securing positions for over 800 relevant keywords in search engine results. This extensive keyword coverage solidified their visibility across a wide range of search queries, ensuring maximum exposure to potential customers actively seeking their products and services.

Furthermore, our focused efforts led to the generation of featured snippets, a coveted position in search engine results that highlights the High Companies as an authoritative source for specific industry-related queries. These featured snippets not only increased their visibility but also positioned them as a go-to resource, further bolstering their reputation and attracting targeted organic traffic.

The remarkable outcomes we achieved through our professional SEO endeavors underscore the value of investing in a tailored and strategic approach. By combining meticulous keyword targeting, backlink acquisition, and content optimization, we propelled the High Companies to unprecedented levels of online success, establishing them as a dominant force in their industry.