Breaking the Stigma: Opioid Awareness Marketing with Maryland Public Television


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The Challenge

The opioid epidemic continues to plague the United States, and marketing can play a critical role in raising awareness on opioid addiction and prevention. At Purplegator, we have a personal connection to the opioid problem. Our former office manager’s son passed away from an opioid overdose. We saw the pain of this loss, a pain no one should ever have to experience. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping combat the opioid epidemic with our marketing expertise. Our partnership with Maryland Public Television and the Maryland Department of Public Health is a great example of how we turned this passion into action. 


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The Approach

Specifically, Purplegator partnered with the State of Maryland to aid in its marketing efforts to combat opioid addiction. We achieved this through campaigns focused on anti-stigma, talk to your doctor, and how to administer naloxone. Knowing how personal opioid problems are to the individual affected, we used our telecom background to market one to one interactions with qualified staff via phone calls or text messages.

We over-delivered. Maryland was promised 8.5 million gross impressions and Purplegator delivered 12.1 million! We could have simply stopped when we met our impressions goal, but we knew how important this campaign was. Doing the right thing won out over corporate profits. That’s always our goal: under-promise and over-deliver!


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Tech partners

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The Challenge

Novus Shoes, BKS shoes (formerly known as Bakers), and La Favorita are all enterprise-level shoewear and accessories brands that fall under the Novus Group. Over the year, all 3 brands have witnessed considerable growth and increased store traffic, both online and offline. Unfortunately, their Magento eCommerce stores were failing to meet the brand’s enterprise needs for a high-performing eCommerce experience, frictionless checkout, and storefronts that well-present their different brands’ identities.

The approach

Through data-backed discovery, iterative design, and robust technology advancements, Avex crafted not one, but three, high-performant online stores for Novus that deliver frictionless digital experiences and an excellently displayed product catalog that is set up for ease of navigation.

We used Novus Shoes’ brand pillars to anchor us at every step in revamping the eCommerce presence of all three brands. We infused freshness and novelty into developing and designing highly functioning online stores while still aligning with “The Novus Way” – having the customers in mind when selecting and presenting the widest variety of shoe styles.

Super Marketing

Purplegator’s work in Maryland received national attention among Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) nationwide. Based on our performance, Purplegator was one of only 15 vendors nationwide to be asked to present at the PBS National Event held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC. Based on our previous success, Purplegator was awarded a five-year contract worth $4 million with the State of Maryland.