Meta & YouTube Advertising For Call Center Recruiting

Call Center Recruiting - Meta And YouTube Advertising


  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube 
  • Custom Landing Page

The Challenge

A.J. Gallagher is a global insurance company. Gallagher has multiple customer service call centers located across the US and struggled to keep those centers staffed. The Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition/Operations had was familiar with Purplegator’s strengths  in recruiting passive candidates, so she had her team reach out to the Gators for assistance.


  • Call Center
  • Recruitment

The Approach

After consulting with the marketing experts at Purplegator, Gallagher ran a month-long hiring campaign with ads running on Meta (Facebook and Instagram). Gallagher’s in-house creative team provided collateral that Purplegator then turned into short videos. These videos ran on Meta Reels and also on YouTube. Ad taps and clicks led to a custom Mobile Acquire landing page. Those leads were emailed immediately to hiring managers for quick follow up. 

Gallagher Meta Ads Mockups

The Outcome

The Purplegator hiring campaign delivered 100,653 impressions. Purplegator delivered 152 qualified leads.

  • Ads ran on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) as well as YouTube.
  • They used our proprietary Hiring Alerts pages to host the ads
  • They used our proprietary Mobile Acquire Custom Landing Page