Driving Remarkable Results: A Professional SEO Success Story for a Brazilian Waxing Center


  • keyword targeting
  • Link building outreach
  • Listings Management
  • Technical SEO.

The Challenge

The Brazilian Waxing Center had a strong desire to elevate brand awareness, augment customer traffic, and ultimately increase sales across their numerous locations spanning the states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Operating within a highly competitive market for beauty services, it became evident that a comprehensive and targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach offered the most promising avenue for maximizing their return on investment (ROI).

By implementing a well-crafted SEO strategy, the Brazilian Waxing center sought to leverage the power of online visibility to distinguish themselves from their competitors, capture the attention of their target audience, and drive organic traffic to their website and physical establishments. The ultimate goal was to convert this increased visibility and engagement into tangible business growth.


  • B2C
  • Retail  

The Approach

The strategy employed encompassed several essential elements, including competitor keyword targeting, link building outreach, listings management, and technical SEO.

To gain a competitive edge, we conducted thorough research and analysis of our key competitors, identifying their top-performing keywords. Armed with this knowledge, we strategically incorporated these keywords into our website content, optimizing it to attract higher search rankings and capture the attention of our target audience.

Recognizing the significance of establishing a robust online presence, we engaged in diligent link building outreach efforts. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships with reputable and relevant websites, we secured valuable backlinks that enhanced our website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. This proactive approach not only expanded our online visibility but also tapped into the existing audience of these partner websites, fostering brand awareness and attracting new potential customers.

Furthermore, we implemented effective listings management practices to ensure accurate and consistent information about our Brazilian Waxing center across various online directories and platforms. By meticulously maintaining our business information, such as name, address, and phone number, we aimed to enhance our local search rankings and facilitate seamless customer experiences when seeking our services in the targeted regions of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

In parallel, we prioritized the implementation of robust technical SEO techniques. Our website underwent comprehensive audits to identify and rectify any potential issues that could hinder its search engine performance. From optimizing site speed and navigation to enhancing mobile responsiveness and ensuring proper indexing, we left no stone unturned in our pursuit of an optimized and user-friendly website.

By amalgamating these pivotal strategies, we crafted a comprehensive and professional SEO approach that aimed to elevate our brand presence, drive organic traffic, and ultimately bolster sales across our Brazilian Waxing center’s locations in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.


  • Tech Discovery
  • UX/UI Design
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Replatforming
  • Klaviyo Email Designs & Setup
  • Product Mapping

Tech partners

  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Returnly
  • Gorgias
  • Tracktor

The Challenge

Novus Shoes, BKS shoes (formerly known as Bakers), and La Favorita are all enterprise-level shoewear and accessories brands that fall under the Novus Group. Over the year, all 3 brands have witnessed considerable growth and increased store traffic, both online and offline. Unfortunately, their Magento eCommerce stores were failing to meet the brand’s enterprise needs for a high-performing eCommerce experience, frictionless checkout, and storefronts that well-present their different brands’ identities.

The approach

Through data-backed discovery, iterative design, and robust technology advancements, Avex crafted not one, but three, high-performant online stores for Novus that deliver frictionless digital experiences and an excellently displayed product catalog that is set up for ease of navigation.

We used Novus Shoes’ brand pillars to anchor us at every step in revamping the eCommerce presence of all three brands. We infused freshness and novelty into developing and designing highly functioning online stores while still aligning with “The Novus Way” – having the customers in mind when selecting and presenting the widest variety of shoe styles.

The Outcome

As a result of our comprehensive SEO efforts, we achieved remarkable outcomes. Our strategies resulted in a staggering 165% increase in website traffic, surpassing our initial expectations. Furthermore, we successfully doubled the number of keywords that ranked prominently in search engine results, indicating our enhanced visibility and relevance within the industry.

One of the most noteworthy achievements was the attainment of over 1,000 keywords securing a coveted position on the first page of search engine results. This feat showcased our proficiency in optimizing our website content and aligning it with the search intent of our target audience. By consistently appearing on the first page, we positioned our Brazilian Waxing center as a top choice for individuals seeking beauty services in the regions of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

These outstanding results not only solidified our brand’s online presence but also directly impacted our bottom line. The increased traffic and heightened visibility translated into a significant upswing in lead generation and customer acquisition, ultimately boosting our sales and revenue figures.

The success we achieved through our diligent SEO endeavors underscores the value of investing in a tailored and professional approach. By leveraging industry-leading strategies and staying abreast of the latest SEO trends, we were able to achieve substantial growth and establish ourselves as a dominant player in the competitive beauty services market.