Delivering Talent For an International Carrier Service

Transporting talent

Buckling up

We had the pleasure of working with an international logistics company that provides innovative supply chain solutions. With operations located across the southern United States and into Mexico, our client is constantly looking to hire new employees. One of their largest gaps was in recruiting truck drivers, as traditional recruitment efforts did not produce enough good candidates to maintain proper staffing. As a result, the company sought out our mobile marketing experts for a fresh new recruiting effort.

Putting it in drive

Finding enough applicants for an international company with multiple locations is not an easy task. One of the biggest challenges facing our client, though, was finding qualified candidates. Prior to contacting us, they used, local weekend newspapers and local cable stations to seek out new employees. Screeners in the Human Resources department however, found that most of the applicants they reached with these traditional outlets were not qualified. Traditional recruitment methods failed to locate qualified talent. In addition, these methods were time consuming and difficult to track.


Many potentially attractive candidates were employed truck drivers. These candidates were on the road, and therefore not at home to read their paper or watch their television. Since reaching passive job seekers presented a unique challenge, we created mobile and social ads that targeted users while they were on social media. In addition, the ads connected to landing pages which clearly identified prerequisites for applying, thereby reducing the number of unqualified leads. The system automatically forwarded leads to a designated screener in real time. Every time a candidate expressed interest and answered the qualifying questions, the system sent that information to the client’s HR team for them to follow up and schedule interviews. The ads used geo-targeting and targeted specific job titles, relevant experience, interests, industries and demographics. Third party data helped qualify the candidates.

enjoying the ride

The social aspect of this particular campaign was a large part of its success. Sharing the ads from one news feed to another’s was almost effortless. Viewers shared the calls-to-action with people in their lives who might be interested in the opportunity. Furthermore, hundreds of people also visited the company’s website, liked the company’s Facebook page and commented on their experience working there. Consequently, the resulting brand awareness was an added benefit of the campaign.

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As a result of this new recruitment avenue, we delivered 201 qualified applicants for our client to interview. Our client was pleased with the number of qualified candidates that resulted in interviews in just eight weeks. Due to their ongoing hiring needs, the client consequently renewed the campaign.