What's Happening in Mobile Marketing?

How to Shoot the Best Food Photography: A Guide
Food Photography simplified! Food photography is quite an in-depth niche. Whether you are a food blogger looking to improve your
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Top 10 Things To Consider When Creating a New Website
Whether you are a web designer searching for new ways to revamp your company’s website or you are totally new
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5 Benefits of Using Chatbots for Business
If you do not use chatbots for business, it is time to get started. Continue reading to learn about the
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7 Ways to Use Mobile and Digital Marketing to Help Your Business During the Coronavirus
Should your businesses digital marketing efforts suffer during a time of global crisis? No. Here’s how to adapt your digital
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Top 5 PPC Strategy Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020
Are you a small business that uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to market your business? Here are the top 5 PPC
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Geo-Targeting with Purplegator
Relevance Raises Response!   And, what could be more relevant than reaching customers and prospects who have visited a specific location
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Analyzing mobile campaign metrics with the Purplegator Dashboard
How did my campaign perform? Introducing the Purplegator Dashboard for mobile display and banner campaigns. “How did my mobile campaign
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Website Design in The Swamp
Website design Free SEO Services with our Web Development We are living in the age of digital and mobile. Your
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Can We Still Do Geofencing in Europe with GDPR?
Our first account in russia! Purplegator ranks on the first page for many “geolocation” type keywords such as “geotargeted mobile
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Social media marketing connects you with customers.
Digital Advertising Terms
    Digital Advertising Terms & Definitions A/B Testing: A method used to compare different versions of digital ads or
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Digital detection of customers at competitor restaurants for best geoconquesting
Geolocation, Geofencing, Geotargeting, Geoconquesting Defined
Bob Bentz, author of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing explains what geolocation, geofencing, geotargeting,
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Iowa pay per click expert
PPC / Pay Per Click for Recruiting
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  (John Wanamaker). Imagine this:
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Recruit Truck Drivers with Mobile Device Detection
How to Recruit Truck Drivers Despite record pay increases of +11% last year, the trucking industry still suffers from a
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mobile location data retailers
Advanced Mobile Location Data Proves Valuable for Retailers
Knowing the past and present location of a customer or prospect has long been regarded as one of the most
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Daymond John and Bob Bentz holding copies of their books
Mobile Marketing: Relevance Raises Response
 Mobile Marketing Success stories Mobile marketing success stories seem hard to come by. Maybe you’re looking in all the
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Mobile Targeting with Third Party Data
Mobile Advertising and its Uncanny Ability to Target Your Best Prospects
AN INTRODUCTION TO MOBILE ADVERTISING TARGETING When it comes to effective targeting, programmatic mobile advertising enjoys the superpower of context.
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Programmatic Advertising Works
How to Buy Programmatic Advertising
There has never been an advertising medium quite like mobile that enables a brand to effectively target the right consumers,
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Mobile video advertising engages consumers' attention
Mobile Video Advertising: Making Your Content Unskippable
Mobile Video: The Best Way to Gain Attention Online Today, more than ever, people demand immediate information and want to
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Bob Bentz WVU IMC
How to Get Started with Mobile Marketing
Purplegator’s Bob Bentz was a recent guest talking mobile marketing on the Marketing Communications Today podcast from the Integrated Marketing
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SMS sweepstakes entries
Text Message Sweepstakes Drive Engagement
Text Message Sweepstakes The Best Way to Build a Large Database When it comes to mobile marketing, there’s no better
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Mobile Marketing 2018 Virtual Reality
Mobile Marketing 2018
A Video Presentation of mobile marketing 2018 Bob Bentz, president of Purplegator and author of Relevance Raises Response: How to
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Put the POW in Your Ski Resort Marketing
Ski Resorts have a tight window of opportunity in which to attract, engage and acquire their audience. Whether you cater
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There Is No Prime Time Anymore
In the 1980s, television advertising was a juggernaut. There were only three major networks, a handful of independents that didn’t
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Is It Mobile Marketing or Just Marketing?
First there was television and then the desktop computer. Today, cunning marketers are embracing the “third screen” of mobile and
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5 Important Reasons to use Video in Your Marketing
Did you know that both YouTube and the iPhone are only 10 years old? It’s hard to deny the impact
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Geo Targeted ads for Trade Shows & Events
Savvy trade show exhibitors know that it’s not up to the show producers to do all their promoting for them.
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Text Message Marketing: How to Choose a SMS Keyword
what is a SMS keyword? An SMS keyword is the word that a consumer sends to a phone number, usually
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https now required
Google Recommends Moving Your Website to https
https: You Really Have No Choice In August, Google notified website owners via Google Search Console (formerly known as “Webmaster
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Manage Your Online Reputation
Pizza Marketplace recently posted an infographic from about Online Reviews. The undeniable truth is this: Online reviews really can make or break your
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The Google Job Search Engine – is this the answer to finding great talent?
According to this article from @TechCrunch, 46% of US employers say they face talent shortages, and these same employers are
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KPI's key performance indicators
12 Things You Must Do Right When Establishing KPI’s for Mobile Marketing Campaigns
Tips For Creating Mobile KPI’s KPI’s are required for all mobile marketing campaigns. — KPI’s are your mobile marketing promotion’s
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Take control of your local business listings.
Introducing Gator Local – Local Listing Management
Local Listing Service – Better than YEXT When a potential customer is searching for information regarding your business, is the
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Website Design with FREE SEO Services
What good is having a great website if nobody CAN FIND IT? Free SEO Services from purplegator It continues to
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KPIs for mobile campaigns
Creating KPIs for Mobile Marketing Programs
Key performance indicators for mobile marketing campaigns must be made in advance, be easy to evaluate, and must give results
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Learn About Mobile Marketing & Increase Your Bottom Line
It’s on your nightstand every night. It’s becoming your primary device. It’s your smartphone. Mobile devices are landing in the
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mobile digital agency Hawaii
Introducing Purplegator Pacific: Mobile Digital Agency Purplegator Opens in Hawaii
MOBILE Digital Agency Opens in Hawaii This week mobile digital agency Purplegator officially opened up its newest office: Purplegator Pacific. Our
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What Are Super Bowl Ads Worth?
With the big game looming, we thought we’d take a minute to talk Super Bowl advertising. Yes, the reach of
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mobile digital agency Purplegator
Top Digital Advertising Agency Debut
Purplegator to Debut at LMC Annual Meeting in New Orleans King of Prussia, PA – Purplegator, a mobile-first digital agency, will
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Find Tenants Online
The way people shop has changed, as has the way they research making big purchases and commitments has changed. In
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Marketing Metrics For the Savvy Marketing Expert
Marketing Metrics for the New Year First, from the Purplegator family to yours, Happy New Year! As we all prepare
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Location Based Marketing Gives You The Competitive Edge
Location Based Marketing Delivers Better Results. Period. It might sound too good to be true, but the fact is, mobile advertising
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mobile marketing class University of Denver
Mobile Marketing Statistics 2017
The Most Important Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2017 Every year, Bob Bentz prepares his analysis of the most important mobile
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Video Matters Most
No video? No teeth! Our client, a startup that specializes in short-term business lending, needed to put together a video
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Social Mobile Recruiting
Social Mobile Advertising as a Recruiting Tool If you are an HR Manager, a Talent Acquisition Manager or just the person
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geo-targeting restaurants
How Does Mobile Geo-Targeting Work?
Consumers Hate Geo-Targeting. Marketers Love It! When I mention geo-targeting, people often ask: “How do you figure out where a
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mobile video advertising
Mobile Motion Pictures to be the Digital Star of 2017
Why should you prioritize mobile video for your next campaign? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is
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trade show mobile advertisement
How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
Reach trade show attendees on their mobile phones – Your message on the move. I’ve attended numerous trade shows.  And, there
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Hire truck drivers
How To Hire Truck Drivers
Did you know there’s a shortage of 89,000 truck drivers in the United States? Did you know that the gap
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How to Hire Nurses
Were you aware that according to Health Affairs, the leading journal of health policy thought and research, the nursing shortage
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History of the Mobile Phone
Tracking the most important innovations in mobile phone technology – Pre-mobile, when it was just a dream: William Rae Young
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How to Make More Dough with Mobile Marketing
How pizza restaurants can make more dough with mobile marketing. Spontaneity drives restaurant visits – Deciding when and where to eat
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How to Recruit Truck Drivers
The trucking industry is stepping on the gas – and not letting up! Last year the trucking industry generated $700.4
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Free Advertising…
Is free no more. And that’s ok. Paying for ads on Facebook is a good idea. Boosted posts are not
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