Driving Unprecedented Growth: A Professional SEO Success Story for CryoConcepts


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The Challenge

CryoConcepts, a reputable entity in the industry, placed their trust in our professional SEO services to target a more discerning audience, specifically doctors and aestheticians. Aware of their existing low domain authority, CryoConcepts acknowledged the missed opportunities resulting from their suboptimal search engine rankings, which hindered their ability to effectively reach and convert highly qualified sales prospects.

Recognizing the significance of attracting a professional audience, we formulated a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the unique needs and objectives of CryoConcepts. Our approach encompassed various crucial elements, including in-depth keyword research, on-page optimization, and strategic content development. Through meticulous analysis, we identified and targeted keywords and search terms commonly used by doctors and aestheticians, ensuring optimal visibility in search engine results and maximizing the chances of attracting the desired audience.

In parallel, we conducted a thorough assessment of CryoConcepts’ website, addressing factors contributing to their low domain authority. We implemented technical SEO enhancements, improved site architecture, and optimized meta tags and descriptions to increase their visibility to search engines. These measures aimed to enhance their website’s overall credibility and relevance, ultimately enabling CryoConcepts to achieve higher rankings and leverage their online presence to drive more qualified sales opportunities from their target audience of professionals.


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The Approach

Our approach involved a meticulously crafted strategy encompassing several key elements to effectively address CryoConcepts’ goals. Firstly, we undertook strategic keyword selection, meticulously identifying and targeting industry-specific keywords and search terms most relevant to their professional audience of doctors and aestheticians. This process ensured that CryoConcepts’ website would rank prominently in search engine results pages, capturing the attention of their intended audience.

In addition, we implemented precise optimization techniques for essential elements such as title tags, meta tags, and alt tags. By optimizing these crucial components, we ensured that CryoConcepts’ webpages were accurately represented and easily interpreted by search engine algorithms. This resulted in improved visibility and relevance, contributing to higher search rankings and increased organic traffic.

Another integral aspect of our strategy was the optimization of CryoConcepts’ Google Business Profile. By carefully curating and optimizing the profile, we maximized their visibility in local search results and established a strong online presence within their target regions. This optimization helped attract a more geographically targeted audience of doctors and aestheticians, further enhancing the qualified sales prospects for CryoConcepts.

Furthermore, we placed significant emphasis on content creation and optimization. By developing high-quality, informative, and engaging content tailored to the needs and interests of CryoConcepts’ professional audience, we positioned them as industry experts and thought leaders. This content optimization strategy not only improved their search rankings but also fostered credibility, trust, and brand recognition among their target audience.

Lastly, we implemented comprehensive technical SEO measures to ensure that CryoConcepts’ website was optimized for search engine crawling and indexing. This involved optimizing site speed, improving mobile responsiveness, enhancing site architecture, and rectifying any technical issues that could hinder search engine performance.

By integrating these professional SEO strategies into a cohesive approach, we empowered CryoConcepts to attain higher search rankings, boost their online visibility, and unlock the potential for increased qualified sales opportunities among their target audience of doctors and aestheticians.


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The Challenge

Novus Shoes, BKS shoes (formerly known as Bakers), and La Favorita are all enterprise-level shoewear and accessories brands that fall under the Novus Group. Over the year, all 3 brands have witnessed considerable growth and increased store traffic, both online and offline. Unfortunately, their Magento eCommerce stores were failing to meet the brand’s enterprise needs for a high-performing eCommerce experience, frictionless checkout, and storefronts that well-present their different brands’ identities.

The approach

Through data-backed discovery, iterative design, and robust technology advancements, Avex crafted not one, but three, high-performant online stores for Novus that deliver frictionless digital experiences and an excellently displayed product catalog that is set up for ease of navigation.

We used Novus Shoes’ brand pillars to anchor us at every step in revamping the eCommerce presence of all three brands. We infused freshness and novelty into developing and designing highly functioning online stores while still aligning with “The Novus Way” – having the customers in mind when selecting and presenting the widest variety of shoe styles.

The Outcome

As a direct outcome of our professional SEO efforts, CryoConcepts witnessed a remarkable transformation in their online presence and performance. The implemented strategies yielded impressive results, including an astounding 856% increase in website traffic. This exponential growth in organic traffic demonstrated the effectiveness of our targeted approach in attracting a larger, more qualified audience to CryoConcepts’ digital platform.

Moreover, our diligent optimization efforts propelled CryoConcepts’ average search position from a modest 70 to an impressive 10. This substantial improvement in search rankings positioned CryoConcepts prominently within search engine results, greatly enhancing their visibility to their target audience of doctors and aestheticians. As a result, CryoConcepts experienced heightened exposure, ultimately translating into increased brand recognition, credibility, and qualified leads.

Furthermore, our professional SEO endeavors led to the achievement of over 40 keywords securing a coveted position on the first page of search engine results. This remarkable feat further solidified CryoConcepts’ authority and relevance within the industry, allowing them to dominate search visibility for key terms related to their products and services. By occupying prime real estate on the first page, CryoConcepts attracted significant organic traffic and positioned themselves as the go-to solution for professionals seeking their offerings.

These outstanding results clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of our professional SEO strategies in driving substantial growth and success for CryoConcepts. By increasing traffic by 856%, elevating average search position from 70 to 10, and securing over 40 first-page keyword rankings, we empowered CryoConcepts to establish a strong online presence, capture the attention of their target audience, and achieve remarkable business outcomes.