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Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Strategy

Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Strategy


How to Inform the Public About Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Plan Using Digital and Social Media Platforms

How will your local government build awareness of your COVID-19 vaccine communication plan? You already know that your Department of Public Health needs to disseminate assets in your COVID-19 vaccine communications toolkit quickly and effectively. Further, the challenge of getting community members vaccinated and keeping them informed is no small feat.

Firstly, we want to do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. How exactly can a mobile and digital ad agency help health care professionals like you? For starters, we’re digital advertising experts. In other words, we can help you distribute vaccination information on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. All of these channels can help you accomplish your goals effectively. Most importantly, a multichannel approach will ensure you reach them more than once with important and accurate information wherever they are – often on their mobile device.

Our technology and social media capabilities will enable you to meet your COVID-19 vaccination outreach toolkit objectives. 

Further, armed with data, insight, and technology, we’ll make sure you reach your key audiences with precise & granular targeting. Certainly, it’s a complicated process to deliver a two-dose vaccination. That’s for sure–but we’re all in this together. However, we get that you need an army (and arsenal) to execute your in-depth strategy. Moreover, we also get that you are rushed, short-staffed and mildly frustrated. While we can’t distribute the vaccine for you, we can distribute the right message to the right people at the right time. 

COVID-19 Vaccination PR Toolkit | The Best Ways to Reach Your Target Audiences:

  • Targeted paid media campaign across digital & social platforms
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Snapchat
    • Google
    • Streaming TV
    • Pinterest
    • Native Display
    • Microsoft
  • Text messaging (broadcast & interactive campaigns)
  • Direct to voicemail
  • Robocalls
  • Automated outbound telemarketing
  • Automated inbound telemarketing
  • Custom landing pages
  • Integration with your COVID-19 microsite
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing

However, an agency with all the bells and whistles isn’t worth much if they don’t understand you. What’s more, they need to understand your audiences and know how to target them. In regards to messaging for public health–disease control and prevention–a sophisticated approach is necessary. 

Purplegator | We’re Here to Help

Our team is made up of empathetic, tactically-minded professionals. Above all, we are skilled at devising & implementing creative strategies to reach all sorts of audiences. For example, some of our projects that demonstrate our abilities include:

  • Mobile & digital ad campaign in partnership with the state of Maryland
    •  increased awareness of the opioid crisis and
    •  informed the public of available resources for help & info in Maryland
    • Early COVID-19 campaign to advise people to stay at home

For instance, here are real ads from the campaign we did for Maryland targeting healthcare workers. In short, to do this, we used geo-conquesting to target senior citizen homes and other healthcare facilities in Maryland.

For example, here is one of the Instagram ads we ran for that campaign.

References available upon request.

Your mission to get key messages out about the COVID-19 vaccines’ safety and efficacy is vital. Certainly, at Purplegator, purposeful projects drive us. We’re ready to rise to this critical challenge with you. 

In summary, we all want the same outcome: a safe & well-informed public. It is no easy mountain to climb. However, the tools you’ll need to ascend this summit are within reach. When you reach out to Purplegator as a partner and support system, we’ll answer the call.

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