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Social Media by the Ages

Social Media by the Ages


So you know who your customers are…but where are they?

You’ve done your market research. You’ve sent out surveys. There is a clear need and (better yet!) a demand for your product and/or service and you know who’s buying it. You have clear demographics on who your customers are. You assume they watch TV and listen to the radio, but timing a message there is costly and usually hit-or-miss. Since you know exactly who they are, the especially relevant question is: how can you talk to them directly right now, when they’re receptive to your marketing message? More likely than not, you can use social media to talk directly to customers. Overwhelmed by the array of social media options out there? You might be surprised by current social media marketing statistics.

New media vs. the old standard

It became clear several years ago that the IoT (Internet of Things) simply was so engaging and full of information that it would soon replace television as most consumers’ source of news, entertainment and research. As a result, the IoT has also become the primary method that companies have to communicate with their customers. In fact, in 2013 internet ad revenues surpassed those of broadcast television for the first time. In addition, digital advertising continues to grow at double-digit pace year-over-year.

Mobile Media on the rise

Customers aren’t just surfing the IoT on their computers at work and at home. They’re checking email, picking fantasy sports team members, posting pictures of their Christmas trees, submitting job resumes, looking for a restaurant for dinner tonight and researching that new gizmo they’ve just gotta have – on their phones. Furthermore, mobile traffic accounts for more web traffic than desktop web browsing.

There’s no doubt about whether mobile marketing is an effective tool for reaching customers. Mobile advertising spend continues to increase because of the high ROI. In fact, it now accounts for 35% of all digital ad revenues. Almost every week a new stat proves that people research, compare and price products and services on their cell phones. Your competitors are there. You should be as well. The choices of avenues to use in the digital arena are overwhelming, though, and you want a good ROI.

Mobile social MEDIA FOR THE WIN

Mobile users aren’t just researching products and services on their phones. They are catching up with friends, connecting with family that could be miles away or unwinding in some other way. Mobile users are prime, receptive candidates for a marketing message because they’re enjoying themselves.

They are therefore very willing to share ads and information that they think could be relevant to people in their lives via social media. The ease and frequency of social media sharing continues to increase because of how many people are mobile with their social profiles…and how often people check their feeds throughout the day.

On average, social media marketing studies show that mobile users check their phones every 13 minutes. Furthermore, mobile users are becoming more focused in their screen time, accessing the same apps four times every day. Social networking apps account for 14% of those impressions. Most noteworthy is the fact that 12 new active mobile social users join every second.

So, since you know who your customers are, the question really becomes: which social media platforms do they use?

Social media marketing statistics

Depending on how old your customers are, there is a pretty clear affinity to certain social media platforms over others. As the social media marketing statistics infographic to the right shows, millennials clearly gravitate toward Snapchat, even though they still use Facebook. Gen X’ers cling to their Facebook profiles. Instagram is growing slowly, but quicker now since it joined the Facebook family.

While Twitter has a very high number of users, varying studies report that fatigue with the app is high. Its user group definitely is not growing like the new social platforms are. In fact, it’s not even keeping pace with competitors like Facebook.

Digital Marketing Budgets

So look at your ideal customer’s demographics. How old is he? That will tell you which social media app he is most likely to use on his phone. Chances are very good that he’s on several platforms. Chances are even better that he will see your message if you spread out your digital marketing budget across several platforms.

At Purplegator, we can devise the perfect mobile social media ad package combination for your business given your business’s objectives. From mobile display ads to social media newsfeed static and display ads to mobile video ads, we will create the right ad for your ideal customer.

The biggest danger is not keeping up with your competition. Drop us a line and let us get started on solving your social media dilemma today.

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