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Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing


Your typical customer is a millennial, that unique buyer aged 18 – 34 who seems both mysterious and elusive, and for many marketers, impossible to connect with. If you’re struggling with how best to reach and build rapport with millennials, you should be looking at Snapchat marketing.

Millennials appreciate and understand marketing that feels tailored and designed specifically for them, their likes, their interests, their age group. They want marketing to feel personal and relevant to them. They are extremely digital, extremely social, and having a digital footprint does not scare them.

Why is Snapchat so perfect for connecting with millennials? Snapchat feels uniquely personal. It’s colorful and visual. It combines sending a message with the love of selfies. Snapchat feels intimately personal. Furthermore, it allows them to connect with their group in a completely unique way – and this group is extremely engaged.

Your messages display right there on their phones, on an app that they’re already using multiple times every day. With Snapchat, it takes one tap of a button and an experience, and all the emotions associated with that moment, are broadcast to a user’s group of connections. Pictures, vlogs, product reviews, filters: Snapchat allows users to express their feelings for a brand, its products and its event in so many ways. And even more than that, connecting with other users at your even by using a Snapchat geofilter allows these social creatures to further broaden their network.

Purplegator Knows Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. At Purplegator, we’ve figured out a way to create a unique experience for your target customers. They connect with your brand and then pass along their love for the experience with their connections. It’s a word of mouth campaign with a priceless value. As a result, it’s a campaign that your business needs.

We’re Purplegator.com and we’re here to make your business more successful. Contact us now at Sales@Purplegator.com.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW to use snapchat to reach your ideal customer:

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