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Purplegator Named the 64th Fastest Growing Company in 2023 Inc. Northeast Regionals

Purplegator Named the 64th Fastest Growing Company in 2023 Inc. Northeast Regionals

Purplegator is ranked 64 in the Inc. Regionals 2023

Berwyn, Pennsylvania – In a recent announcement, Inc. magazine unveiled its prestigious list of the fastest-growing companies in the Northeast Regionals for 2023, and among the shining stars was Purplegator – a marketing and consulting agency based in suburban Philadelphia. Securing the impressive 64th spot on this esteemed roster, Purplegator has emerged as a true powerhouse in the advertising and marketing agency industry.

The Inc. 5000 Regional list showcases businesses that have exhibited exceptional growth and success, celebrating their remarkable achievements and innovative approaches to the market. The ranking not only highlights Purplegator’s profound commitment to excellence but also underscores its significant impact on the industry and, more importantly, to the clients it serves.

Award badge from Inc. Regionals 2023 for Purplegator

Purplegator was founded by Bob Bentz, originally as a spinoff from the highly successful Advanced Telecom Services, Purplegator started as a modest 4-person digital marketing agency in 2017 with a vision to help businesses navigate the complex world of marketing and advertising. Over the years, the company’s unparalleled dedication to its clients, coupled with a dynamic team of marketing experts, has led to its impressive growth trajectory.

Upon receiving the accolade, Bentz expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “We are absolutely thrilled to be recognized as the 64th fastest growing company in the Northeast Regionals by Inc. magazine. This achievement reflects the hard work and passion of every member of the Purplegator swamp. We owe this success to our clients who took a chance on us in early days and have continued to support us.”

Today, Purplegator has 24 employees and has whole-heartedly embraced a work from home philosophy that has helped it to attract employees from all over the country. “At the end of the day, an agency is all about the people,” said Bentz, “and we would not have enjoyed this honor without the dedication and expertise of our team. They are constantly striving to improve their industry knowledge and bring greater value to our clients.” 

About Purplegator:

Purplegator is a leading marketing agency headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, with employees in seven states. Since its inception, the agency has been dedicated to providing exceptional mobile, digital and traditional marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a focus on creativity, data analysis, and client results, Purplegator has earned its place among the fastest-growing companies in the 2023 Northeast Regionals, as recognized by Inc. magazine.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Purplegator Media Relations
Phone: (610) 688-6000
Email: media@purplegator.com
Website: www.purplegator.com

*Note: The information and ranking in this article are based on the 2023 Inc. 5000 Regional list for the Northeast Regionals. The rankings and details may vary in subsequent years.

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