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Social Mobile Recruiting

Social Mobile Recruiting


Social Mobile Advertising as a Recruiting Tool

If you are an HR Manager, a Talent Acquisition Manager or just the person tasked with finding and hiring the right people for your company, you’ve likely tried multiple combinations of the following:

  • General job boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder
  • Industry specific job boards
  • Help wanted ads in the local newspaper
  • Radio ads
  • TV ads
  • Billboards
  • Your own website’s careers page
  • Local colleges & universities

As you know, the real challenge is determining the best and most efficient way to connect with active job seekers. In addition, finding and connecting with passive candidates is of interest. Your best candidates are out there; they just might not be looking in a spot where they’d see your call to action if you rely on traditional methods of recruiting, especially if they fall into the passive seeker category. If those candidates are using their mobile devices for any purpose, however, we can help you to connect with them.

Active Job Seekers

The candidates who are actively looking for a job may create profiles on the job boards. They might stumble upon your website. And – let’s be honest – they still might not be the best fit for your organization, even though they actively sought you out. There’s always a chance they’re in the market for a new job for a good reason!

Passive Job Seekers

Often, the best candidates for a position are not actively looking at job postings. Your best candidates may be passive candidates. They aren’t actively looking for a job because they already have one. However, these passive candidates might be very interested in learning more about your position, your company and your amazing culture – if only you could get in front of them.

Social Media

Advertising your recruitment ads on social media allows you to custom tailor your specific message about your positions and culture. Social media then delivers it to a highly targeted audience on their mobile devices, primarily their cell phones and tablets. If you’re wondering if your target market uses a smart phone, check out this recent study by Nielsen.

In fact, 88% of users over the age of 13 in the US have a smartphone. Consequently, there is a greater chance that the small percentage of people who do not have a smartphone are not your ideal candidate. And, of particular interest to the topic of social mobile advertising for recruiters: the eight apps used most often are owned by Google or Facebook.

SOCIAL Mobile Recruiting

Many of our clients use targeted Facebook recruiting ads to reach their unique audiences. Facebook’s custom audience builder allows us to identify behaviors and interests of your most qualified candidates. We are then able to deliver ad units to just those individuals in specific geographical areas with virtually no waste. As a result, people who do not fit the profile do not get the ads.

We often combine these social media ads with a mobile display campaign. Similar ads are delivered to the target audience when they are using their mobile device: waiting in line for a coffee, getting their tires rotated or while having lunch. If they meet our target criteria and are on their mobile device searching for something or waiting for an app to load, we can deliver ad units to them.  These ads can send qualified and interested candidates directly to your jobs page, to your inbox or dial directly to your phone.

Find Your Candidate Today

In conclusion, social mobile advertising can connect you and your best candidates. You can read how we attract truck drivers here and here. And, if mobile recruiting can help your business and you want to learn more, drop us a line or give us a call at 610-688-6000.

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