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Mobile Marketing Statistics 2017

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2017


The Most Important Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2017

Every year, Bob Bentz prepares his analysis of the most important mobile marketing statistics for the new year. And as usual, his 2017 report is chock full of mobile marketing stats. These stats will help you sell your boss on one especially relevant need: a budget for mobile marketing in 2017.

In addition to preparing this mobile marketing statistics report for existing and prospective digital agency customers, Bob also prepares the report for use in the graduate level course in mobile marketing that he teaches at the University of Denver. This report is just one of the auxiliary learning tools that he provides students; in addition, so is his best selling book on mobile marketingRelevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing.

Relevance Raises Response

Bob structures the statistics for the annual presentation in the same categories as the class and the chapters of the book itself.

  1. Introduction to Mobile
  2. Advantages of Mobile
  3. Mobile-Optimized Websites
  4. Text Message Marketing
  5. Social Media
  6. Mobile Advertising
  7. Apps
  8. Mobile Commerce
  9. The Future of Mobile

The study contains statistics from a variety of sources including: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report; Marketing Charts; Statista; in addition to other sources.

Favorite Mobile Marketing Statistics 2017

As we enter 2017, savvy advertisers and brands no longer need a reminder of how important it is to have a written and documented mobile marketing strategy. Further, they are sold on the value of mobile. They already understand that mobile is the future. All it takes is a look at these statistics: the proliferation of mobile apps and the time spent with mobile media, combined with laser-focused advertising. Due to its personalization, mobile simply can’t be beat. As a result, mobile is a marketer’s dream.

Consequently, what you’ll learn from the stats in this report is the same thing that graduate level students are learning at the University of Denver. The report is designed to emphasize what mobile cannot be ignored. So, think about your business goals. Think about what is the most important mobile marketing statistic for your business and how you can achieve it.

If you’re interested in mobile’s evolution, you can also read more mobile marketing statistics in our previous presentations.

2016 Mobile Marketing Strategies

2016 Mobile Marketing Stats

Lastly, if you’re stumped and need help getting started, why not reach out to us today? We will develop a mobile marketing plan for 2017 that delivers a great ROI. Tell us your challenges and opportunities and we will develop a plan that creates success.

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