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Mobile Advertising: How to Increase Your ROI on Your Mobile Display Campaign

Mobile Advertising: How to Increase Your ROI on Your Mobile Display Campaign


Mobile Advertising

When it comes to mobile advertising, we wrote the book on it…literally. 

There has never been an advertising medium quite like mobile that enables a brand to effectively target the right consumers, in the right place, at the right moment.  — Bob Bentz, Relevance Raises Response

Traditionally, media has been sold by ad sales people responsible for negotiating a price for inventory on various mediums. With mobile advertising, however, there is considerably less need for human salespersons.

Today, 72% of all mobile advertising purchased worldwide was purchased programmatically. Think of programmatic advertising as the real-time value of inventory at the time of purchase. Programmatic has brought speed and efficiency to the mobile advertising market. 

More digital advertising dollars are going to mobile, as opposed to desktop, every year. In 2020, the ratio was $103 billion on mobile versus $41 billion on desktop. That’s 73% of all digital advertising revenue going to mobile! Seventy-eight percent of Americans only use mobile to access Facebook. These statistics show the importance of why Purplegator labeled itself as a “mobile-first marketing agency” as far back as 2014 when it foresaw the future of geo targeted mobile advertising. 

Everything that you do today should be with a mobile first mentality. When you develop a landing page, you should do it first on mobile and then make it fit to desktop. Most companies do it the other way around. 

When you engage for SEO services, remember that Google now ranks all websites via its mobile site and no longer the desktop site. Be certain to take new innovations such as voice commands into consideration so you can optimize for the longer question format and the more immediate needs of a mobile voice searcher.

Marketing pros can target their audience on mobile better than any other medium in history. 

Here’s some tactics you should utilize to maximize your performance with mobile advertising:

  • Attempt to get as many ads placed with a 250×250 size. Based on our internal data, this size performs best. 
  • Advertise on the weekends when tap through rates are normally greater with people having more “me” time.
  • Keep your videos short. 30 seconds is good, but 15 seconds is often better. Remember, your mobile customers are not always near wifi or where signal strength is poor like in rural western Maryland.
  • Always use retargeting on mobile devices. 
  • Mobile interstitial ads that take up the entire screen on in-app advertising get double the tap through engagement of traditional banner ads. Use them, but only use them in apps and not for desktop.

Capabilities of Mobile Advertising

Geo Fencing

Purplegator defines a geo fence as a subset of the larger geolocation targeting. In mobile advertising, a geofence is designed to attract a specific location that is more likely to be a user of the agency services. This may be an extremely wealthy zip code for attracting donations to a public TV station or it may be a rural area where a large portion of the population lives in poverty and is desperately in need of social services.

It is always more expensive to reach wealthy areas since brands understand that those residents have significantly greater buying power. Therefore, we would draw a geofence within the geolocation and bid more aggressively to gain exposure in this well-healed market. 

In a struggling rural area, however, we would be able to reach these residents at a lower bid. Hence, a geofence around the low income area would likely still result in significant exposure since these citizens are less attractive to many advertisers. By bidding less within this geofence, you will save money and increase impressions.

Geo Targeting

Geotargeting means targeting the right people within the geolocation or geofence. Most advertisers don’t want to target everybody within the geolocation zone. After all, children don’t buy automobiles or choose which fancy restaurant to go to on Saturday date night. Advertisers use geotargeting to find the consumers most likely to buy based on sex, age, marriage status, income level, profession, interests, and a host of other factors that are available to digital agencies and advertisers through third party data providers.

If the state agency was interested in a healthy mothers campaign in an inner city, we could target single Moms, age 16 – 29, who live within the city. We obtain this data from our third party partners and target the mobile and desktop devices of those that fit the profile.


I’m sure you’ve seen retargeting in action. You look online at a pair of shoes, decide to not buy them, and then those same shoes keep showing up as display ads in your feed whether you are checking sports scores on ESPN’s app or finding tomorrow’s weather at Accuweather. 

Many businesses are making a significant recurring monthly investment in pay per click advertising. Consumers who click through to your website should be considered platinum prospects. You’ll want to reach them more than just once. That’s where an effective retargeting campaign comes in. 

To facilitate a retargeting campaign, however, you will need to drop some code on your company’s website. 

About the Author

Bob Bentz is president of mobile-first marketing agency, Purplegator. He is also the author of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing. Bentz is an adjunct professor at West Virginia University. He likes mobile marketing almost as much as baseball.

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