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How Long Does SEO Take to Work: Stats from 75 SEO Experts I Morningscore

Morningscore published How long does SEO take to work: Stats from 75 Experts [2022] that SEO expert, Bob Bentz has been featured in:

“With SEO, we often see improvement immediately, but this is usually if the site currently has very little optimization. If they have not optimized their title tags and on-page copy at all, these are the sites that we can see a first-month increase. That said, we usually tell clients not to expect much at all in months 2 and 3. In fact, they may even see a pullback in some of the keywords for which they are already ranked. Beginning in month 4, we start we start to see a steady increase as all of the on-page improvements start to get indexed, and the third-party link building begins to have a profound effect.”

– Bob Bentz, President, Advanced Telecom Services & Purplegator

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