The Google Job Search Engine – Is This the Answer to Finding Great Talent?

According to this article from @TechCrunch, 46% of US employers say they face talent shortages, and these same employers are continually searching for new ways to acquire new employees.

The Job Search market is already saturated with job boards: Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder just to name a few. Google’s new Job Search engine will be a great resource and will tap into those sites. However, all of these tools require one key element – for a person to be actively searching for a job.

What about the many terrific potential candidates who already have a job and aren’t actively searching for a new one? How do hiring managers reach those people to let them know about an opportunity? Data mining on LinkedIn can work, provided the potential candidate has a robust profile using the right keywords so they can be found. Many people don’t have a LinkedIn profile, and for others their profile is just a bare bones version of their resume.

PURPLEgator has a mobile talent acquisition program that specifically targets and reaches passive candidates – primarily on their mobile devices. Deploying a unique blend of social media ads, mobile display ads and text message marketing combined with geotargeting and geofencing, PURPLEgator is able to find just the right passive candidates for open positions and engage with them on their mobile devices. A recent client stated that 90% of the candidates from our program had not previously been to their company’s career page.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use social, mobile and digital advertising for recruiting, please contact me at 515-850-1162 or

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