All-Encompassing Recruitment Marketing

When you bring your recruitment marketing needs to us, we respond with a full-fledged strategy.

You can rest assured that our team will listen closely to your recruitment objectives and needs. Then, we will devise a unique targeting strategy that aligns with your company goals. We can also offer our creative input with polished graphics and copy to convey the internal company values that are a differentiating factor for you, thus ensuring that the ideal candidates will see your ads. Whether you have your own image library or not, Purplegator has the resources to facilitate this process.

At Purplegator, we strongly believe that your campaigns should be placed on distinguished online platforms to get the visibility they deserve. In this way, you will connect with candidates with the core competencies you are seeking in order to fill your positions. We direct your candidates to customized landing pages that ask key screening questions. This allows you to easily identify the applicants who stand out the most and those who are not as experienced. Our finger’s always on the pulse of the latest trends and we stay committed to our campaigns from start to finish! We will carefully observe the performance of your advertisements, constantly test and fine-tune our targeting efforts, and optimize frequently for better results.

As your campaigns run, we will provide you with a weekly break-down on the most important insights and metrics. We’re only one call away if you wish to stay updated on the performance of your campaigns more frequently! In the end of your campaign, you will receive a detailed rundown explaining the key aspects that contributed to your success!