Build Your

Careers Brand

Not sure where to start? Reach out to The Gators today. We’ll work with you to develop your careers brand identity and set up resources that will consistently communicate your careers brand to prospective applicants.

It’s never a bad time to remind candidates (and current employees) that your company is a great place to be employed! The Purplegator team will work with you to ensure that the marketing of your careers brand is consistent and cohesive across platforms. That way, potential candidates will be able to easily understand your unique company culture and the values important to your team.

One of the best ways to maintain your evergreen advertising is through a Careers Facebook Page. Separate from other company Facebook Pages, interested candidates will be able to follow your Careers Page to stay up to date on all new job openings and application details. The Gators will work with you to customize your page in a way that clearly communicates your careers brand identity and emphasizes the benefits of working for your company.

If you’re thinking, “wow, that sounds great, but who has time to manage all this?” the answer is, we do! With a little input from you, The Gators can manage your Careers Facebook Page. We’ll be ready to answer basic questions and direct potential candidates to the proper resources for the next steps.

Looking for another great way to build your brand? The Gators love career testimonials. We’ll work with you to film brief videos of proud employees that can be featured on your company website, social media and promoted through advertising campaigns. Our team will handle editing the footage to optimize engagement. Video testimonials are a quick and easy way for potential candidates to learn more about your company from your trusted employees. All candidates have to do is click, sit back and learn about the advantages of working for your company!