Charitable Fundraising by Text Message

Text To Donate


Text To Donate

Non-Profit Fundraising Services via Text Messaging

501c3 non-profits can now accept donations easily through text message donations. It’s as easy as promoting a keyword and short code (a unique 5-digit phone number) on your existing marketing and advertising.

Text to Donate services are an easy and popular way to reach out to existing and new donors to raise awareness of your charitable organization through a unique fundraising method. It also enables the non-profit to create a database that it can use to market the organization in the future.


100% Pass Through of Donations

It’s not often that mobile phone carriers are this generous, but they are when it comes to non-profit fundraising. Your non-profit organization can set up an easy to use texting campaign and receive 100% of the revenues generated from that program. Here’s how it works.

How Text to Donate Works

Once a non-profit agrees to work with Purplegator for Text to Donate services, we will submit an application to the carriers. The carriers will want to see proof of your 501c3 status and they will also want to see your marketing plan to promote the service. They are generally looking for organizations that are of significant size to support a prominent advertising and marketing plan. All of the major carriers participate in text to donate, but some of the small rural carriers do not have the ability to do so. Expect to reach in excess of 96% of the nation’s cell phone users.

Once approved, you will be assigned a charitable giving approved short code to use with your program. You will also be able to choose two keywords and two price points for your donations. If you wish to have more than two price points, you can do so, but there will be extra fees involved. Available price points for text to donate contributions are: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40, or $50. The donations can be set up as one-time donations or as monthly recurring giving. Giveaways of nominal value can be tied to the text to donate program.

You can now begin promoting your text to donate service through your traditional marketing and advertising. You will encourage donors to text your unique keyword to the short code. Two inbound messages and two outbound messages will complete the transaction that includes a double opt-in to verify the donation amount. After completing the text interaction, a donation amount will appear on the donor’s wireless bill and the donor will receive a tax deductible receipt. The carriers will remit the entire donation amount to the clearinghouse who will then remit the donation to your organization in full. Purplegator will send you an invoice each month for remittance of its fees. This is done to ensure that the funds get directly to where it belongs – to you the charitable organization.

One of the great things you will get out of a text to give program is a database of phone numbers that have donated to your organization. You can now use those phone numbers to reach out to them to provide additional information or to eventually solicit additional donations.


Who Qualifies for Text to Give Services

If you are a 501c3 organization, chances are that we can get you approved for text to give services. There is a considerable amount of up-front work by the participating carriers so they will want to know that you can generate enough donations to make it worth their time. That means, they likely won’t approve a high school band looking to generate donations, but they will accept a public television station or a well-known charitable organization with employees and a marketing budget.


The Financials for Text To Donate

Purplegator will pass through the fixed costs to the non-profit with no additional mark-up. They are:

  • Non-Refundable Application Fee = $350
  • Set Up = $150
  • Monthly = $160/month prepaid for 6 months service; $140/month prepaid for 12 months service.
  • Per Transaction = $0.35

Purplegator will provide project management for obtaining the short code and keywords, create the proposal, present the proposal to the carriers, answer all carrier questions or concerns, provide the reporting, and consult with the non-profit on how to best promote the text to donate service. Of course, we also hope that you allow us to provide marketing services as well, but that is certainly not a requirement. For its services, Purplegator receives:

  • Initial Investment = $950
  • Monthly = $100
  • Per Transaction = 2.5%

Getting Started with Text to Donate

Let’s face it. When was the last time you saw somebody write a check, get a stamp, and mail the donation to your organization? With Text to Donate, making a contribution to your charitable organization is as easy as sending a short text message.

To get started with Text to Donate services, contact Purplegator at sales@purplegator.com or visit the Contact Us form and fill out more details for us.

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