Case Study - Nursing Recruitment

How to Hire Nurses


How We Nursed a Healthcare System Back to Health

The Appointment

Baylor Scott & White Health (BSW) is the largest non-profit healthcare system in Texas and one of the largest in the United States. With such a large footprint, BSW had a growing need for Registered Nurses and other Allied Healthcare professionals to fill their many open positions. BSW prides themselves on being innovative and forward thinking, and they became frustrated with the declining results from traditional job boards. Their quest to use new tools and technologies for recruiting brought them to us.

The Diagnosis

With 50% of job searches coming from a mobile device, BSW knew we were the right company to assist with their recruiting efforts. They needed a new way to reach qualified potential applicants to encourage them to join their team of committed health professionals. They found that traditional job boards often attracted unqualified applicants, lacked reach to passive job seekers, and could not successfully track results. Additionally, Talent Acquisition Personnel at BSW spent a large amount of time screening resumes of applicants who did not meet specific job requirements.

The Operation

In order to better attract the right candidates, we designed a variety of social and mobile ad sets targeting specific job titles, relevant experience, interests, industries, and demographics. These ads were deployed throughout various targeted geographic footprints and were able to reach both active and passive job seekers which was a key audience they knew they were missing.

Those who received the ad met specific criteria outlined by BSW, therefore reducing the amount of unqualified job seekers. Upon clicking, the potential candidates were sent to a customized landing page where the credentials for the position were clearly outlined. This further reduced the amount of unskilled applicants.

Additionally, the nature of these social advertisements made sharing the post almost effortless. Those who were not actively looking for a job in the healthcare field could easily forward the link to someone they knew who might be interested in the great opportunity at BSW.

The Recovery

Through our efforts, BSW was connected to a more modern job seeker: one who searches for open positions with their thumbs. The company attributed 21% of new hires directly to our targeted social and mobile campaigns.