Case Study - Haunted Attractions

Deadland Scream Park


Marketing for Haunted Attractions — A Purplegator Specialty

Deadland Scream Park

Dead Land Haunted Woods, a live-actor, multi-attraction park in Tennessee, was looking for a fresh idea to help target more customers for maximum Halloween season visits. Connecting with their ideal customers, people aged 13 – 35, can be a challenge. That’s why it was crucial that Deadland connected with their target audience wherever they might be during their day, via a medium that has their undivided attention–their mobile device.

Picking A Pumpkin

Lebanon is not exactly far from the fun of Nashville, but it’s not close either. In addition, as a seasonal business, Dead Land faces some unique challenges, as it has a concentrated selling period just a few weeks before Halloween. Realizing that location-based marketing would likely be a great fit, our expert, tailor-made campaign was a perfect solution. Using proprietary third party data to track user location with competing haunted house locations, and with local area schools and universities, Purplegator set up a geofencing campaign that targeted these customers on mobile and social apps and websites. A unique feature that Dead Land also took advantage of was a geo filter on Snapchat, due to its tremendous popularity with teens and young adults.

Getting Into Costume

As part of the marketing campaign, Dead Land offered a smart incentive: a discount on bundled attraction tickets. Part of the Dead Land experience revolves around multiple attractions, concessions and a bonfire. In addition, the local area features other Halloween-related destinations, furthering the geo targeting objective.

Trick Or Treating

Sure enough, with a great incentive (who doesn’t like a discount?), visitors flocked to Dead Land during the Halloween season. In fact, Dead Land reported a 28% increase in its seasonal visitors. This equated to roughly 2,500 additional visitors, or about $85,000 in increased revenue for the season. Isn’t it time to target your ideal customers?

Based in part on the tremendous success of Dead Land Scream Park, Purplegator has created a special niche in marketing for haunted attractions. Over the past four seasons, we have provided targeted mobile marketing solutions for over 38 different haunts.

Let us put geo targeting to work to grow your business today. Your results will be frighteningly good.