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Fashionable Marketing


Fashionable Marketing


Citi Trends (NASDAQ-CTRN) is a retail store that specializes in providing nationally recognized branded clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, and home decor at outstanding values of up to 70% off of what you’d pay in department and specialty stores. Its 571 stores in 33 states cater to primarily an urban customer.


The retailer has had a long and successful history with SMS text message marketing that has had a significant direct impact on its sales. More recently, however, the retailer had struggled to grow their opt-in customer database. Additionally, the company was hoping to increase foot traffic to its stores and build buzz around new campaigns.

Spin to Win

Citi Trends wanted to create a unique mobile marketing strategy that would drive more opt-ins to its highly successful text message marketing database. We created a Spin to Win game for Citi Trends — a unique slot machine game that could be played on the mobile phone. To get a spin, and a chance to win, the consumer was requested to first opt-in to the Citi Trends text message marketing database. Consumers were limited to just one spin per day. Clothing prizes were awarded as grand prizes and many entrants received a $5 off gift certificate as a consolation prize to drive in-store traffic.

Citi Trending

Advertisements were placed on Facebook and on the mobile in-app and website ad network that targeted 18 to 34-year-old females living within 3 miles of a Citi Trends location. The result was 1,346,792 entries and 179,096 additions to the Citi Trends mobile marketing opt-in phone number database. Moreover, the company increased its Facebook followers by 54,973 during the campaign. That’s a bonus audience that will see its social media posts for many years to come!

Take a Spin on Us

If you are looking for something trendy to add to your mobile marketing toolkit, you can Spin to Win with Purplegator. Contact the Gators for more well heeled ideas.