G&P Trucking

G&P Trucking

Case Study - G&P Trucking

Transporting Talent


Transporting Talent

Buckling Up

G&P Trucking is an international logistics company that provides innovative supply chain solutions. With operations located across the southern United States and Mexico, G&P is constantly looking to hire truck drivers. After failing to see consistent results with traditional recruitment advertising efforts, the company sought out our mobile marketing experts for a fresh new recruiting effort.

Putting It In Drive

Finding qualified applicants for an international company with multiple locations is not an easy task. One of the biggest challenges G&P faced was finding qualified truck driver candidates that had active CDL-A licenses. Prior to contacting us, G&P used CraigsList.com, weekend newspapers and local cable stations to seek out new employees. G&P found that most of the applicants it reached with these traditional advertising methods were simply not qualified. Not only did traditional recruitment methods fail to locate qualified talent, they were time consuming and results were very difficult to track.


Many candidates that G&P wanted to reach were drivers who were already employed by competing companies. Its ideal target audience was often away from home and they could not be found on LinkedIn. Reaching passive job seekers presented a unique challenge, so we worked with G&P to create mobile web, desktop web, mobile in-app, and social media ads. Advertisements connected to landing pages which clearly identified prerequisites for applying such as needing a CDL-A license, thereby reducing the number of unqualified leads. Candidates were automatically forwarded to G&P in real time, thus allowing the employer to immediately follow up with candidates to schedule interviews. The ads used geo-targeting and targeted specific job titles, relevant experience, interests, industries, and demographics. Third party data identified drivers’ mobile devices that were at specific locations such truck stops and competing trucking companies.

Enjoying The Ride

The social aspect of this particular campaign was a large part of its success, as the ads showed up in the Facebook news feed. Even when the consumer wasn’t interested in the job, there often was still a benefit. That’s because social media allows for easy sharing of the ads to colleagues that may be interested in the job. Hundreds of people also visited the company’s website, liked the company’s Facebook page, and commented on their positive experience of working there.


In just the first two months, Purplegator delivered 201 qualified applicants for G&P to interview. 

Truck driver recruitment is one of the primary vertical markets that Purplegator works with. If your business needs drivers, we know how to find them so you can fill all of your trucks with qualfied truckers and keep your cargo moving.

Haunted Attractions

Haunted Attractions

Case Study - Haunted Attractions

Deadland Scream Park


Marketing for Haunted Attractions — A Purplegator Specialty

Deadland Scream Park

Dead Land Haunted Woods, a live-actor, multi-attraction park in Tennessee, was looking for a fresh idea to help target more customers for maximum Halloween season visits. Connecting with their ideal customers, people aged 13 – 35, can be a challenge. That’s why it was crucial that Deadland connected with their target audience wherever they might be during their day, via a medium that has their undivided attention–their mobile device.

Picking A Pumpkin

Lebanon is not exactly far from the fun of Nashville, but it’s not close either. In addition, as a seasonal business, Dead Land faces some unique challenges, as it has a concentrated selling period just a few weeks before Halloween. Realizing that location-based marketing would likely be a great fit, our expert, tailor-made campaign was a perfect solution. Using proprietary third party data to track user location with competing haunted house locations, and with local area schools and universities, Purplegator set up a geofencing campaign that targeted these customers on mobile and social apps and websites. A unique feature that Dead Land also took advantage of was a geo filter on Snapchat, due to its tremendous popularity with teens and young adults.

Getting Into Costume

As part of the marketing campaign, Dead Land offered a smart incentive: a discount on bundled attraction tickets. Part of the Dead Land experience revolves around multiple attractions, concessions and a bonfire. In addition, the local area features other Halloween-related destinations, furthering the geo targeting objective.

Trick Or Treating

Sure enough, with a great incentive (who doesn’t like a discount?), visitors flocked to Dead Land during the Halloween season. In fact, Dead Land reported a 28% increase in its seasonal visitors. This equated to roughly 2,500 additional visitors, or about $85,000 in increased revenue for the season. Isn’t it time to target your ideal customers?

Based in part on the tremendous success of Dead Land Scream Park, Purplegator has created a special niche in marketing for haunted attractions. Over the past four seasons, we have provided targeted mobile marketing solutions for over 38 different haunts.

Let us put geo targeting to work to grow your business today. Your results will be frighteningly good.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Case Study - Truck Driver Recruitment

How to Hire Truck Drivers


Driving Home Candidates for O’Reilly Auto Parts

Starting The Engines

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a dominant supplier of auto parts with over 5,400 stores in 47 states. With so many stores across the United States, and the need to transport auto parts daily, O’Reilly Auto Parts is in need of a constant influx of truck driver applicants. After failing to see consistent results with traditional advertising efforts, the company sought out our unique truck driver recruitment plan for a fresh new recruiting effort.

Checking The Mirrors

Finding qualified applicants for 5,400 stores isn’t an easy task, especially when using outdated mediums like flyers and newspaper ads to search for route drivers. One of the biggest challenges O’Reilly faced was finding qualified applicants. As required by the company, all route drivers must be HAZMAT certified, which allows employees to transport potentially hazardous materials such as car batteries. O’Reilly Auto Parts found that most of the applicants coming from traditional job boards did not have this important prerequisite. Additionally, the traditional job boards it was using were unable to reach passive job seekers and talent acquisition personnel spent a large amount of time screening resumes of applicants who did not meet specific requirements. Moreover, the company found these traditional leads were hard to track.

Putting Into Gear

Purplegator created mobile, desktop, and social media ad sets based on a specific criterion laid out by O’Reilly Auto Parts. At the onset of the relationship, the ads used geo targeting in the Des Moines, Iowa area and targeted specific job titles, relevant experience, interests, industries, and demographics. More specifically, the gators intended to reach the male demographic with an interest in sports. Using this criterion, we saw the most success on the ESPN app, with Facebook being a close second.

The ad sets clearly outlined that all applicants must have a CDL class A license and HAZMAT certification. By including this information on the landing page, the amount of unqualified job seekers shrunk. After clicking or tapping on the advertisements, candidates were led to a customized landing page where the requirements were plainly summarized. 

The social media aspect of the campaign made sharing the ads with others almost effortless. Those who were not actively looking for a job in the transportation industry could easily tag a colleague or forward the information to someone who might be interested in the post.


After running the initial campaign in Des Moines for 6 weeks, O’Reilly Auto Parts enjoyed such great success that it asked us to run a similar campaign in their Boston, Atlanta, and Seattle locations. In these three cities, O’Reilly Auto Parts received 538 qualified applicants to fill over 25 positions within these three company distribution centers.

It all started in Des Moines, and now Purplegator plays a major role in the truck driver recruiting campaigns that O’Reilly Auto Parts runs in its 27 distribution centers. The company knows that it can count on Purplegator to find it qualified drivers quickly, sometimes as early as the same day.

Niagara County Workforce Development

Niagara County Workforce Development

Case Study - Government Agency Marketing

Integrated Marketing Plan


Purplegator helped Niagara County Workforce Development become the first WDB in the state of New York to utilize social media and mobile ad platforms to deploy the WIOA grant.

The Application

Purplegator was chosen from 13 applicants and was awarded the government marketing contract with Niagara County Workforce Development in Niagara County, New York. The purpose of the program was to implement the provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grant for outreach and education.

“We are so happy with you & your team! The ads have been terrific, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!” – Bonnie Rice, Executive Director

The Award

The primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI) was to reach a targeted audience of youth and young adults, ages 16-24, in Niagara County who were not working and not in school. The goal was to get them to sign up for Vocational Counseling, Job Search Assistance, Classroom Training, Skills Assessments, and more offered by two partner educational institutions: Niagara County Employment & Training Department and Niagara County Community College (Sanborn, NY).

Getting the Job (Done)

Purplegator provided a multi-platform advertising solution for the Niagara County Workforce Development Board with display ads and video ads running on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, on the mobile web and in apps. Not only did we target the youth, we also targeted the parents of these youth as they are often a strong referral source. Over four months, each of ten unique campaigns had a specific theme such as vocational exploration, career counseling, paid work experience, and more.

Purplegator delivered 7.8 million impressions on 6 different platforms. Google Analytics showed Niagara County WDB web traffic increased from 304 visits in March, 2020 to 6,054 in June, 2020.

Major Health Center

Major Health Center

Case Study - Nursing Recruitment

How to Hire Nurses


How We Nursed a Healthcare System Back to Health

The Appointment

Baylor Scott & White Health (BSW) is the largest non-profit healthcare system in Texas and one of the largest in the United States. With such a large footprint, BSW had a growing need for Registered Nurses and other Allied Healthcare professionals to fill their many open positions. BSW prides themselves on being innovative and forward thinking, and they became frustrated with the declining results from traditional job boards. Their quest to use new tools and technologies for recruiting brought them to us.

The Diagnosis

With 50% of job searches coming from a mobile device, BSW knew we were the right company to assist with their recruiting efforts. They needed a new way to reach qualified potential applicants to encourage them to join their team of committed health professionals. They found that traditional job boards often attracted unqualified applicants, lacked reach to passive job seekers, and could not successfully track results. Additionally, Talent Acquisition Personnel at BSW spent a large amount of time screening resumes of applicants who did not meet specific job requirements.

The Operation

In order to better attract the right candidates, we designed a variety of social and mobile ad sets targeting specific job titles, relevant experience, interests, industries, and demographics. These ads were deployed throughout various targeted geographic footprints and were able to reach both active and passive job seekers which was a key audience they knew they were missing.

Those who received the ad met specific criteria outlined by BSW, therefore reducing the amount of unqualified job seekers. Upon clicking, the potential candidates were sent to a customized landing page where the credentials for the position were clearly outlined. This further reduced the amount of unskilled applicants.

Additionally, the nature of these social advertisements made sharing the post almost effortless. Those who were not actively looking for a job in the healthcare field could easily forward the link to someone they knew who might be interested in the great opportunity at BSW.

The Recovery

Through our efforts, BSW was connected to a more modern job seeker: one who searches for open positions with their thumbs. The company attributed 21% of new hires directly to our targeted social and mobile campaigns.