For People Who Click

The best thing about Pay Per Click advertising is that you only pay when a consumer WANTS to see your advertisement. Assuming that you are attracting the right market, that means no wasted advertising costs for your business.

Bottom of the Funnel Leads

One of the things that we love about pay per click advertising is that when the consumer is searching for something to buy NOW, that is a lead that you can convert immediately. The research is usually done and the prospect is ready to open his/her wallet to buy something. That means immediate feedback and immediate results for your business.
At Purplegator, we won’t ever set it and forget it. We monitor results electronically every day and every week, we discuss the performance of your program internally. Monthly, we will send a detailed pay per click report to you and set up a personal meeting to review results, gain feedback of what you are seeing with your business, and adjust our strategy and budget accordingly.
“Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving.” – David Ogilvy

Why Purplegator for Pay Per Click Advertising?

Purplegator’s pay per click expertise is in more than just setting up a program and monitoring it. Our continuing education program allows employees to attend pertinent trade shows both in person and online.
Your pay per click expert is:
 Google certified in search, display, mobile and analytics
 BING certified as well
 Has 10 or more years of experience in a search environment
Certainly, many agencies offer a solid pay per click program for its clients. The difference here in The Swamp is about knowing your clients and their goals and making them feel like you are our only client, even if they aren’t.

Want to learn how pay per click advertising can drive more leads that are ready to buy NOW to your business? Contact Us now to learn more.