How We Recruited Top Talent for A Large Supermarket Chain

Staffing ALDI


We had the pleasure of working with one of the leading global discount supermarket chains, which operates over 9000 stores in the USA, Australia and 16 European countries. As a result of their volume, they are one of the US’s larger retail recruiters.


Because of their size, staffing for over 1700 US stores was not easy. Since they operated stores across the country, countless markets further complicated staffing efforts. In addition, as a relatively new player in a saturated US market, our customer struggled with brand awareness; qualified job seekers just did not know the name.

This supermarket chain turned to us as maintaining adequate staffing levels is critical to success. Their traditional recruiting strategy to-date incorporated mainly print advertising and an occasional Craigslist ad. They had not experimented with online recruiting yet. They had one goal for us: drive more qualified candidates to its job fair career events. Because the chain knew they could seal the deal once they connected with the candidates directly, generating traffic was the priority.


First of all, we created 53 separate new landing pages, each optimized for search engines and the local market. Also, each landing page detailed important information for that specific market and directed candidates to the corporate website for more information. In addition to career events in their area, the corporate website included application instructions. Most of all, benefits and testimonials about working for the company highlighted why a new candidate would want to apply.

Furthermore, we created mobile in-app display and geo-targeted Facebook advertising units. Using A-B testing and advanced analytics, we optimized each advertisement for each market on a daily basis to ensure that our customer was getting maximum value for its investment.


In conclusion, the results were astonishing. The campaign produced an outstanding 7.0% click through rate in major markets. Also, attendance at the job fair events rose 97% over the previous year. As a result, our client easily attributes their recruiting successes to our mobile marketing campaign. Finally, their staffing levels are balanced.

This one case is not a freak occurrence. In conclusion, retail recruiters are seeing great success across the board with mobile recruiting. Want to get us started addressing your retail recruiting needs? Click here to drop us a line.